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'The activist is not the man who says the river is dirty. The activist is the man who cleans up the river.' - Ross Perot

photo of Simon Pockley by Richard Leigh
[Address] 'Wheoh' off Blackburn Rd. Coonabarabran N.S.W. 2357
[Email] simonpockley@gmail.com
[Mobile] 0418 575 525
[URI] http://www.duckdigital.net
[Orcid] 0000-0002-1396-5536

Simon Pockley is currently rebuilding in the Warrumbungles after bushfire.
Other activities:

  1. Wheoh blog: rebuilding in the Warrumbungles after bushfire (posts and videos) 2013-08-04 - ongoing
  2. Selected short films and videos
  3. Selected research papers, reports
  4. The Flight of Ducks
  5. Pockley family materials (mainly historical)
  6. Not art - just painting
  7. Sonnets