My camel sways along in sullen grief,  
round us the heat-haze shimmers like migraine.   
At piccaninny daylight, clear but brief,  
I saw for fifty miles across the plain.  
Now, scarifying sun dissolves the link    
between my aching body and my mind,   
beset by heat, recurrent flies and stink.     
my self, a speck of nothing, tries to find   
in swirling, shining vortices of space,   
escape from torment in infinity;     
meeting with Newton, Einstien face to face    
sees awesome concepts of eternity.  

Then shock of midday halt. A shady tree.   
From now, for life, that percept stays with me.     
[from the Desert of my Heart and Mind by F.J.A.Pockley 1912-1990]