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6th January 1933 - salt bush country, Marree, Afghan camel teams and watering up

link to journal source After which the country appeared to get pretty bad before darkness set in. Early to bed. First day of the Barry and Pockley moustaches.

Woke this morning at an interesting stage in the scenery; the country was very flat and covered with a low salt bush with a few scattered and stunted trees. It was not long before we saw a few herds of camels. Their moth-eaten, outline could be seen grazing far off. Shortly afterwards we ran into Marree where there were a few Afghan camel owners getting a team in for their waggons. We were running a good bit late as the train had developed a hot box during the night.

At nearly every little stopping place was a water tank, usually supplied by artesian water where the engine liquored up, and sometimes the carriages as well. At the end of each carriage were hung a couple of water bags of simple design but very sensible pattern which was universal throughout South Australia. All day the country stayed flat, being mostly stony plains with a few Gidgee trees on the water scours.

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