6th January - salt lake country, Coward Springs and willy-willies

link to journal source This type of country is interspersed with red sandy areas and in the few places where there are fences they are usually buried partially or completely by the shifting sand dunes for several miles.

An interesting feature of the run was the salt lake country, culminating in Lake Eyre. The casual mirages we had been seeing became mighty manifestations of unlimited expanses of water and this, combined with the white of the salt in the 'lake', gave the impression of a sea of breaking waves.

The country remained the same practically all day. Once we passed a fairly large outcrop of rock and loose stones, and at Coward Springs we came upon a minature oasis with palm trees growing beside an artesian water hole of perfectly clear water. The water bubbled out of the bottom and ran away to be lost in the desert a mile or two away. There were several hundred head of cattle grouped together within a few miles of this hole and along with one other wild steer, an emu and many rabbits, they were the only animals we saw all day, apart from the black fellow's horses and the inevitable eagles, lizards and FLIES.

Everywhere one looks at any time of the day, one sees willy-willies out on the plains, sometimes towering up a conservative 1000ft into the air, narrowing as they go, like an inverted cone. So far the weather has been quite moderate and except for the sand, everything is very comfortable, especially as dress is a very secondary consideration. A game of bridge to-night and so to bed.

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