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  1. Simon Pockley Notes from a talk about archiving The Flight of Ducks Part of: 108 547 Duplication, Digitisation and Archiving - Melb University. 22-07-2010
  2. Simon Pockley Imaginary interview by Don Jacobs contribution to the book entitled, The Authentic Dissertation: Alternative Ways of Knowing, Research and Representation. 04-08-2007
  3. Simon Pockley Anticipating an Archival Commons Word doc 91KB
    Conference paper Vital Signs - creative practice and new media now. Melbourne. 2005-09-03
  4. Simon Pockley Quakes, Quivers and Quacks - How the first online ETD has fared over 10 years
    Also available as Word doc 78KB or Slides PPT 4,222 KB
    Conference paper ETD2005 UNSW Sydney. 2005-08-23
  5. Simon Pockley Metadata and the Arts - the art of metadata Word doc 238KB
    2003-06-05 Preprint draft Published as: Chapter 4 in International Yearbook of Library and Information Management 2003/2004. Facet, 2004
  6. Simon Pockley What's the Use of DC.Type? Word doc 83 KB or [PDF 71KB]
    Dublin Core and Metadata for e-Communities 2002: pp 245-250. Firenze University Press
  7. Victor Hart Decolonising the Concept of Knowledge 1998
  8. Simon Pockley Duck Song: Text and image in on-line narrative 1997
  9. Simon Pockley Blinding the Duck: Aboriginal representation, censorship and restriction online 1997
  10. Simon Pockley The Flight of Ducks: Understanding its Purpose and Theoretical Base 1996
  11. Simon Pockley Killing the Duck to Keep the Quack - networked proliferation and long-term access 1996
  12. Simon Pockley Account of a trip to Central Australia 1996
  13. Dr John Morton Strehlow
  14. Philip G. Jones Obituary of Norman B. Tindale 1994
  15. Francis John Antill Pockley Account of a trip to Central Australia 1976
  16. T.G.H. Strehlow Songs of Central Australia 1971 [Markup in progress]
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  19. Arthur Murch Chapter 5 from a book by Ria Murch 1933
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