Alice Springs - index of screens

Press screen number
Journal 0490 Arrival at The Alice
Note 0491 Dr Brown recalled
Journal 0492 Dr Browns's wife & Ernestine Hill
Note 0493 Ernestine Hill
Journal 0494 The Granites - destitute fossikers, conmen,
Journal 0495 Ghost gums - Carrington
Newspaper 0496 Strange death of a jockey
Journal 0497 Impression of The Alice - Barrow Creek races
Journal 0498 Johannson & Albrecht - Lasseter's gold reef
Note 0499 Lasseter's gold reef
Journal 0500 The `half-cast' home - Freeman
Note 0501 `Half-caste' homes
Journal 0502 Truth about the Granites gold - murderers
Journal 0503 Loading the truck for Hermannsburg
Newspaper 0504 `Research work among the Blacks'
Photograph 0172 Alice Springs panorama
Photograph 0236 Alice Springs street scene with F.J.A.Pockley standing
Photograph 0237 Alice Springs street scene with car passing houses
Photograph 0015 Alice Springs: line of girls in front of half-caste home
Photograph 0018 Alice Springs: Maurice Joseph standing in front of loaded truck

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