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0001 title top level links to index - journal - participation - warning
0002 poem sonnet: Lamplit I work in the shoals of the night
0003 index original journal 1933
0004 index Main index (2nd level)
0005 note that old blind woman, Jangingu - Julia Blackburn
0006 artefact Aboriginal shield
0007 hypertext_1933 leaving Adeleaide to change trains at Terowie
0008 photo Bony Bream working camels at Hermannsburg
0009 original journal journal written in pencil page 3
0010 photo Petering cutting hair at Hermannsburg
0011 book booklike version of journal - Title pages
0012 photo Arthur Murch in pith helmet
0013 index participants
0014path icons The Ghan, Truck, Alice Springs, mission, camels, on foot, ...
0015photo Half-Caste home - 'stolen children'
0016photo John Pockley filming fire making at Hermannsburg
0017photo Finke river camel mail Bony Bream Tillmeth
0018photo Alice Springs - Maurice Joseph with loaded truck
0019index Australian Aborigines
0020poem Sonnet - In almost every place I make my camp,
0021note Bull roarer explanation
0022poem Sonnet - My camel sways along in sullen grief
0023hypertext_1933 Peterborough then greeted by the mayor of Quorn
0024index Camels
0025hypertext_1933 salt bush country, Marree, Afghan camel teams and watering up
0026quote from Bill Mitchell - web as epic poem
0027poem Sonnet - One perfect, windless, starlit, moonless night,
0028book `Back to Quorn Week' - souvenir booklet cover
0029photo Mayor of Quorn - Richard Thompson
0030hypertext_1933 salt lake country, Coward Springs and willy-willies
0031hypertext_1933 Charlotte Waters, gibber plain, Kidman country and a pretty girl
0032photo John Antill Pockley
0033conversation Incoming messages and questions for the year 2007
0034interview The Authentic Dissertation: Alternative Ways of Knowing, Research and Representation
0035index Research papers
0036hypertext_1933 Ngalia - spear & boomerang throwing
0037hypertext_1933 Ngalia - treating abscess
0038conversation Replies to messages and questions for the year 2007
0039hypertext_1933 Ngalia
0040book Songs of Central Australia by T.G.H. Strehlow
0041hypertext_1933 Women arrive with wooden pitchis
0042index Donkeys
0043essay Research strategies and discoveries
0044photo Aboriginal youths walking
0045photo Cave with water bag
0046signature Statement of Authenticity
0047photo 4 Aboriginal men sitting with weapons
0048photo 2 Aboriginal men standing with chest paint
0049 photo 5 Aboriginal men with weapons on bank
0050 CV red faced and loathsome
0051note train 'Gin and Tonic'! recollections about the girl
0052painting by Arthur Murch - inside the ranges Gosses Bluff
0053 proposal Infrastructure - proposal to Multimedia 21
0054memory 'I was only twenty years old'
0055essay Digital Preservation - `Killing the Duck to Keep the Quack'
0056index Alice Springs path - list of screens
0057about On-line interview with Felix Hude
0058hypertext_1933 printable text only
0059 Warning about cultural sensitivity
0060photo 5 Aboriginal youths sitting on bank with billy
0061original journal 1933 journal written in pen page 1
0062hypertext_1933 Murch paints king plate
0063photo Aboriginal man and Murch with kingplate
0064photo detail curious genetic trait of duplicate nipples
0065photo Donkey team from Hermannsburg
0066photo 4 Aboriginal men with 2 boys spears shields & boomerangs
0067index Aboriginal women
0068photo 3 donkeys being ridden by 2 boys and adult
0069photo 2 Aboriginal women with toddlers
0070photo detail Mother and child
0071photo detail Mother and child
0072awards Gratitude for support and encouragement
0073photo Aboriginal women sitting in group with babies
0074photo detail Aboriginal daughter Haasts Bluff
0075photo detail Aboriginal mother Haasts Bluff
0076photo Four camels resting
0077index list of all screens
0078index photographs
0079newspaper 'Doctors to Study Aborigines'
0080original journal 1933 journal written in pencil page 2
0081land The tower
0082photo Sixth Steet Quorn
0083original journal 1933 journal written in pencil page 4
0084photo Coward Springs with people
0085photo Coward Springs
0086links Aboriginal sites papers etc
0087about Navigation Instructions
0088conversation Replies to responses from 1997
0089hypertext_1933 We heard the `duck flying away' song
0090hypertext_1933 firesticks - respect
0091hypertext_1933 throwing sticks and boomerangs
0092hypertext_1933 Titus watching
0093memory he saw beyond his own memories
0094hypertext_1933 trading for weapons
0095hypertext_1933 wild Luritcha
0096hypertext_1933 footprints of natives - wild Luritcha
0097hypertext_1933 approaching Haasts Bluff
0098hypertext_1933 starting for Haasts Bluff
0099hypertext_1933 gear and supplies
0100hypertext_1933 hardening up
0101hypertext_1933 wildlife
0102index subjects of conversations
0103hypertext_1933 subjects of argument
0104hypertext_1933 passing time with arguement
0105hypertext_1933 Mountains and fresh water
0106hypertext_1933 thick mulga in the Macdonnell Ranges
0107hypertext_1933 camels slipping on the loose stones
0108hypertext_1933 digging for water
0109hypertext_1933 The Gosses Ranges drought
0110report Metadata Seminar - Canberra 6th March 1997
0111hypertext_1933 Macdonnells in the distance
0112memory When he was dying
0113hypertext_1933 Gilbert Springs light rain
0114hypertext_1933 camels routine of the day - a telegram
0115land The tower
0116hypertext_1933 camels monotonous camels
0117hypertext_1933 camels arrangement of camels calf
0118hypertext_1933 camels black stockman rides in
0119original journal 1933 journal written in pencil page 58
0120hypertext_1933 camels and daily mileage
0121hypertext_1933 Haasts Bluff 28th Jan 1933
0122hypertext_1933 Titus upset
0123hypertext_1933 throwing sticks collecting churingas
0124hypertext_1933 5th Jan.1933 the train leaving Adelaide
0125index Journal 1933 by Camel path
0126index Linear sequences of screen paths
0127index Memory path
0128hypertext_1933 stuck at camel gate-donkey team.
0129hypertext_1933 description of country
0130hypertext_1933 truck extreme heat
0131hypertext_1933 Truck arrives at mission
0132photo detail: Hermannsburg child
0133hypertext_1933 approach to the Finke river country and the Macdonnell ranges
0134photo Heavitree Gap and arriving in Alice Springs to be met by Dr Brown
0135hypertext_1933 Ernestine Hill, destitute fossikers, conmen, Granites miners and Carrington
0136photo train at water tank with men
0137index Train The Ghan
0138hypertext_1933 Barrow Creek races, Johannsen and Albrecht discuss Lasseter's golden reef
0139photo train at Coward Springs
0140photo train at Coward Springs
0141photo Aboriginal mother & daughter 3 nipples Haasts Bluff
0142index Aboriginal families
0143index Aboriginal men
0144photo Aboriginal children with photographers shadow
0145photo Aboriginal 5 children with their father
0146photo Aboriginal 2 malnourished children
0147photo Aboriginal family group in front of wurlie
0148photo Aboriginal naked man in front of wurlie
0149photo Aboriginal naked man with spears woman child
0150photo Aboriginal naked man spears woman wurlie
0151photo Aboriginal man profile - breakwind
0152photo Aboriginal naked man spear and woomera
0153photo Aboriginal group standing in river bed in shade
0154photo Aboriginal man two women billy
0155photo Aboriginal women and children hillside
0156photo Aboriginal two men with beards against backdrop
0157photo Aboriginal man against backdrop
0158photo Aboriginal three men standing
0159photo Aboriginal Arundta hunting party with spears on run
0160photo Aboriginal man in pants against backdrop with arm and headband
0161photo Aboriginal group sitting with dog in shade of tree
0162photo Aboriginal Ntjikitjikurrpa standing with child
0163photo Aboriginal Honey ant totem site - pile of stones on rock
0164photo Aboriginal Drovers with mob of cattle
0165photo Aboriginal Three men siting in the open two with hats
0166photo Aboriginal Donkey team with wagonload of wood
0167photo Murch attending camel after runaway
0168photo index Landscape
0169photo Rocky waterhole
0170photo Heavitree Gap
0171photo Range with shadows
0172photo Alice Springs panorama
0173photo Aboriginal boy on camel passing rocky slope
0174photo Gibber desert
0175original journal 1933 journal written in pencil page 5
0176photo index Alice Springs
0177photo index Hermannsburg Mission
0178photo Hermannsburg Mission Albrechts with children
0179photo Hermannsburg Mission Course, Petersen and Strehlow
0180photo Hermannsburg Mission T.G.H. Strehlow
0181photo Hermannsburg Mission Pastor Albrecht
0182photo Kurt Course Joseph Pockley Cooking echidna
0183photo Camels Hugh Barry mounted with Manasseh backgroud
0184photo Camels mother in yards with baby
0185photo Camels mother with bell baby feeding
0186photo Camels mounted - Barry Joseph Course Kurt Manasseh
0187photo Camels with saddles resting in shade
0188photo Aboriginal detail of woman in front of wurlie
0189photo Aboriginal detail of man with children
0190index thumbnails of all photographs
0191photo Aboriginal 2 boys - double exposure - men within chests
0192photo Hermannsburg equipment Davies Joseph and FJAP
0193photo Hermannsburg holding up the prentie lizard
0194photo Hermannsburg school children Petersen under a tree
0195photo Hermannsburg horse breaking mission background
0196photo Hermannsburg Mission prentie lizard held on cord
0197photo Hermannsburg Mission goats in shade
0198photo Hermannsburg Old Moses women children grinding wheel
0199photo Hermannsburg Mission Adobe building
0200photo Hermannsburg Mission Donkey team with wagon
0201photo Hermannsburg Mission Donkey team in shade Hermannsburg Donkey team in shade boy riding lead Camel head and shoulders with saddle Hermannsburg Manasseh Barry stockman Davies Joseph Kurt Kurt digging for water Camels on the march in string Camels resting among trees Camel sitting with saddle Camels in shade with man Riders - Joseph and Manasseh Glen Helen - 3 men in water Glen Helen four figures in the gap Glen Helen figure swimming in gap Car Barry Johannsen Davies and Manasseh Davies in swag - shadow of Pockley
0216.memory Goanna man Hermannsburg six Aboriginal children with Barry and Pockley Hermannsburg Barry Davies Nimbitchacooper Albrecht Pockley
0219poem Sonnet - A desert tends to clarify all thought Aboriginal Hermannsburg men standing with spears, women and children sitting Aboriginal Hermannsburg men standing without spears, women and children sitting Aboriginal Hermannsburg spear throwing in front of yards Aboriginal Hermannsburg spinning hair demonstration Aboriginal Hermannsburg 9 men in group with bags 2 sitting
0225photo Landscape stoney range panorama Landscape cattle in the distance Landscape water in gap Landscape Rock strata Glen Helen Landscape lone figure in rocky gap Landscape Landscape close view of vertical rock strata
0231.essay on digital preservation - short version
0232.index contents of indexes
0233index Hermannsburg part 2
0234photo index Hermannsburg part 3
0235Photo index Aboriginal faces without names 2
0236photo Alice Springs street scene with FJAP-ghost gums
0237photo Alice Springs street scene with car
0238photo Alice Springs unloading at the camel gate Alice Springs off to Hermannsburg car with desert oak
0240Photo index Aboriginal faces without names 1 Alice Springs off to Hermannsburg 40 mile stop
0242photo index - camels part 2 Hermannsburg camel on rope Train The Ghan Todd river gap with line Train The Ghan unidentified train halt Hermannsburg thatched huts with group in shade Hermannsburg children donkeys buildings Hermannsburg buildings camel packs Hermannsburg well with horse tank and stone building Hermannsburg stone buildings people in distance Hermannsburg `red devil willi-willi' 3 children running to it Hermannsburg Manasseh Barry Johannsen Old Moses with shovel Hermannsburg Manasseh Davies Albrecht Joseph Ford
0254.Photo detail Hermannsburg Manasseh Davies Albrecht Joseph Ford Hermannsburg Barry, Joseph, Wardlaw, Davies
0256photo Hermannsburg Hugh Barry experimenting on Manasseh
0257memory then dissolve in giggles
0258conversation concerning privacy and propriety in `The Flight of Ducks'
0259essay `Singing the Duck'
0260photo Hermannsburg Bony Bream working on camels
0261photo Hermannsburg Camels with packs and group in shade
0262photo graph index Hermannsburg Mission part4
0263conversation about the submission of on-line academic work
0264original journal 1933 journal written in pencil page 6
0265photo Hermannsburg Donkeys group of 3
0266photo Hermannsburg Donkeys group palm tree figure
0267photo Hermannsburg Donkeys in shade
0268Capt. Goanna and the wave of hope
0269hypertext_1933 train Terowie guages dust
0270hypertext_1933 half-caste home at the Old Telegraph Station and the Granites murderers
0271hypertext_1933 train corpses Kidman leases car accident
0272hypertext_1933 train stops for pretty girl
0273original journal 1933 journal written in pencil - map - page 59
0274hypertext_1933 train empty country - space
0275hypertext_1933 train Finke river country
0276hypertext_1933 train Finke river country parakeelya
0277hypertext_1933 Heavitree Gap
0278hypertext_1933 Approaching The Alice natives
0279hypertext_1933 Arrival at The Alice
0280index Journal by train path + links
0281about Step 1 Scanning the photographs
0282about Step 2 Image rotated and cropped to clean up edges
0283about Step 3 Image shapened to 49.6% and colours adjusted
0284about Step 4 Image scaled to either 420 wide or 250 high
0285about Step 5 GIF option settings to 16 colours
0286about Step 7 Image stretched or cropped to square
0287about Step 8 Image scaled to 80 x 80 thumbnail for index
0288about Step 6 Filed and saved as .gif
0289about Step 9 Filed and saved as a s.gif
0290letter Reply to RMIT Human Research Ethics Committee
0291index General guides to `The Flight of Ducks'
0292about The Flight of Ducks - The project
0293index Aboriginal children
0294photo Aboriginal youth and 2 boys - 2Xexposure
0295photo Aboriginal 3 men looking down gorge
0296photo Landscape-wide valley with range distance
0297photo Landscape-looking down over valley
0298photo Landscape Murch looking towards gorge with drawing pad
0299photo index Landscape Part2
0300photo Landcape Glen Helen expanse of water in gorge
0301photo Landcape - Glen Helen water in gorge
0302photo Landcape - gorge with two figures amongst rocks
0303photo Landscape River with homestead
0304index Landscape Part3
0305photo Landscape Glen Helen rock formations
0306photo Landscape Finke river
0307photo Landscape Finke river bed
0308photo Landscape Finke running after storm
0309index Notes
0310Rights Statement of fair use
0311index Journal 1933 by truck path + links
0312hypertext_1933 Mission: tea with Albrechts
0313hypertext_1933 Mission: unloading and unpacking
0314hypertext_1933 Mission: Mrs Albrecht's meals
0315hypertext_1933 Mission: Bony Bream's realiability
0316hypertext_1933 Mission: Mission huts - sexes separated
0317note Note about Professor Harold Whitridge (Pete) Davies
0318hypertext_1933 Mission: Rumbelara camel mail
0319hypertext_1933 Mission: Bony Bream Tillmeth
0320hypertext_1933 Mission: Bony Bream and camel lore
0321Report Metabolism experiment papers
0322land tower - Warrumbungles
0323essay Research strategy
0324hypertext_1933 Mission: horse breaking
0325hypertext_1933 Mission: Murch does portrait
0326hypertext_1933 Mission: foul water
0327note Albrecht's concern for Aboriginal survival
0328original journal 1933 journal written in pencil page 7
0329original journal 1933 journal written in pencil page 10
0330original journal 1933 journal written in pencil page 8
0331original journal 1933 journal written in pencil page 9
0332original journal 1933 journal written in pencil page 11
0333about Private - Restricted Access default screen
0334original journal 1933 journal written in pencil page 12
0335original journal 1933 journal written in pencil page 13
0336original journal 1933 journal written in pencil page 14
0337memory Adults seem to hold themselves back
0338memory Perhaps it is because I don't wear shoes
0339original journal 1933 journal written in pencil page 15
0340newspaper Obituary Maurice Joseph
0341lecture `Access, Exits and Combing Screens'
0342book version of 1933 journal Chapter 1 The Ghan
0343book version of 1933 journal Chapter 2 Alice Springs
0344artefacts thumbnail index
0345book version of 1933 journal Chapter 3 to Hermannsburg
0346index to Sonnets
0347book version instructions/settings - Links by Chapter
0348hypertext_1933 choice of versions
0349land interior - night
0350book version of 1933 journal Chapter 4 Hermannsburg Mission
0351book version of 1933 journal Chapter 6 Haasts Bluff
0352book version of 1933 journal Chapter 8 To Mount Liebig
0353book version of 1933 journal Chapter 9 The Walk
0354book version of 1933 journal Chapter 10 Mount Liebig
0355book version of 1933 journal Chapter 11 Final Days
0356book version of 1933 journal Chapter 5 Hermannsburg Photographs
0357conversation Incoming messages and questions for the year 1997
0358book version of 1933 journal Chapter 7 Duck Song
0359Index 10 Aboriginal faces without names
0360face Aborigine without name
0361face Aborigine without name
0362face Aborigine without name
0363face Aborigine without name
0364face Aborigine without name
0365face Aborigine without name
0366face Aborigine without name
0367face Aborigine without name
0368face Aborigine without name
0369face Aborigine without name
0370face Aborigine without name
0371face Aborigine without name
0372face Aborigine without name
0373face Aborigine without name
0374face Aborigine without name
0375face Aborigine without name
0376face Aborigine without name
0377face Aborigine without name
0378face Aborigine without name
0379face Aborigine without name
0380face Aborigine without name
0381face Aborigine without name
0382face Aborigine without name
0383face Aborigine without name
0384face Aborigine without name
0385face Aborigine without name
0386face Aborigine without name
0387face Aborigine without name
0388face Aborigine without name
0389face Aborigine without name
0390face Aborigine without name
0391face Aborigine without name
0392face Aborigine without name
0393face Aborigine without name
0394face Aborigine without name
0395face Aborigine without name
0396face Aborigine without name
0397face Aborigine without name
0398face Aborigine without name
0399face Aborigine without name
0400face Aborigine without name
0401face Aborigine without name
0402face Aborigine without name
0403face Aborigine without name
0404face Aborigine without name
0405face Aborigine without name
0406face Aborigine without name
0407face Aborigine without name
0408face Aborigine without name
0409face Aborigine without name
0410face Aborigine without name
0411face Aborigine without name
0412face Aborigine without name
0413face Aborigine without name
0414face Aborigine without name
0415face Aborigine without name
0416face Aborigine without name
0417face Aborigine without name
0418face Aborigine without name
0419face Aborigine without name
0420face Aborigine without name
0421face Aborigine without name
0422face Aborigine without name
0423face Aborigine without name
0424face Aborigine without name
0425face Aborigine without name
0426face Aborigine without name
0427face Aborigine without name
0428face Aborigine without name
0429face Aborigine without name
0430face Aborigine without name
0431face Aborigine without name
0432face Aborigine without name
0433face Aborigine without name
0434face Aborigine without name
0435face Aborigine without name
0436face Aborigine without name
0437face Aborigine without name
0438face Aborigine without name
0439face Aborigine without name
0440face Aborigine without name
0441face Aborigine without name
0442face Aborigine without name
0443face Aborigine without name
0444face Aborigine without name
0445face Aborigine without name
0446face Aborigine without name
0447face Aborigine without name
0448face Aborigine without name
0449face Aborigine without name
0450face Aborigine without name
0451face Aborigine without name
0452face Aborigine without name
0453face Aborigine without name
0454face Aborigine without name
0455face Aborigine without name
0456face Aborigine without name
0457face Aborigine without name
0458face Aborigine without name
0459face Aborigine without name
0460newspaper `Doctors to study Aborigines'
0461memory It was a room of secrets
0462memory (He rewrote the journal)
0463memory they can see the mark of solitude
0464memory extermination of natives
0465memory old blind Janjinga
0466essay Objects - draft only (changing daily)
0467memory stood with arms outstretched
0468face Aborigine without name
0469face Aborigine without name
0470face Aborigine without name
0471memory Telegraph train internet
0472about News of the latest in `The Flight of Ducks'
0473comments directed toward a critical evaluation
0474face Aborigine without name
0475face Aborigine without name
0476face Aborigine without name
0477face Aborigine without name
0478face Aborigine without name
0479conversation about filtering Aboriginal material (PICS)
0480book Chapter 5 from book on Arthur Murch
0481conversation Incoming messages and questions for the year 1996
0482memory The Iliad is sung
0483index 3 Aboriginal faces without names
0484index 4 Aboriginal faces without names
0485index 5 Aboriginal faces without names
0486index 6 Aboriginal faces without names
0487index 7 Aboriginal faces without names
0488index 8 Aboriginal faces without names
0489index 9 Aboriginal faces without names
0490hypertext_1933 Arrival at The Alice
0491note Dr Brown recalled
0492hypertext_1933 Dr Browns's wife & Ernestine Hill
0493note Ernestine Hill
0494hypertext_1933 The Granites - destitute fossikers, conmen,
0495hypertext_1933 Ghost gums - Carrington
0496newspaper Strange death of a jockey
0497hypertext_1933 Impression of The Alice - Barrow Creek races
0498hypertext_1933 Johannsen & Albrecht - Lasseter's gold reef
0499note Lasseter's gold reef
0500hypertext_1933 The half-cast home - Freeman
0501note `Half-caste' homes
0502hypertext_1933 The truth behind the Granites gold boom - murderers
0503hypertext_1933 Loading the truck for Hermannsburg
0504newspaper `Research work among the Blacks'
0505index Journal 1933 at Hermannsburg Mission path + links
0506hypertext_1933 Munukeruka by moonlight
0507hypertext_1933 climbing down into the Finke
0508hypertext_1933 digging a soak - echidna for breakfast
0509hypertext_1933 keeping watch and catching an echidna
0510hypertext_1933 wild friuts up the gully
0511hypertext_1933 underestimating distance when shooting
0512hypertext_1933 The Finke river bed
0513hypertext_1933 wild orange tree
0514hypertext_1933 bony bream and duck
0515hypertext_1933 a wild tribe of Luritcha
0516hypertext_1933 boredom and the idea of going to Mt. Liebig
0517hypertext_1933 justifying the journey
0518poem Sonnet - Most men who live in cities see few stars
0519poem Sonnet - November! And our gift returns again:
0520poem Sonnet - The Olgas are Australia's heart and mind
0521poem Sonnet - I am a man of wisdom and no god
0522poem Sonnet - When Eliot told about the gifts of age
0523poem Sonnet - Bright stars outined celestial city streets
0524poem Sonnet - The constellations arch across the sky
0525poem Sonnet - This spot is sand and stunted mulga scrub
0526poem Sonnet - No scale of size, or time, or distance holds;
0527poem Sonnet - The pure achievement of the aging mind
0528poem Sonnet - Indeed; I failed at everything I did.
0529poem Sonnet - Wide deserts of my land reflect my brain:
0530poem Sonnet - Sydney's Nor-Easter likes to sleep in late
0531conversation comments on `Lest We Forget' now `Blinding the Duck'
0532conversation replies to comments `Lest We Forget' now `Blinding the Duck'
0533original journal 1933 journal archival desription
0534Warning Old sensitivity warning - now overwritten
0535hypertext_1933 Naming taboos
0536hypertext_1933 Arunta sense of humour
0537hypertext_1933 one two three, big mob
0538hypertext_1933 'If I tried to paint this.'
0539hypertext_1933 striped bandicoots brought in
0540hypertext_1933 killing and preserving the prenty lizard
0541hypertext_1933 Murch painting children
0542hypertext_1933 killing the prenty - wild horses
0543hypertext_1933 on first riding a camel
0544hypertext_1933 breaking in a camel
0545hypertext_1933 camel eructations, farts, stink
0546hypertext_1933 Tetus and Hezekiel
0547hypertext_1933 Mrs Albrecht's meals, costs and rations
0548hypertext_1933 Pastor and Mrs Albrecht
0549photo (detail) Pastor Albrecht
0550hypertext_1933 Petering and Strehlow
0551hypertext_1933 Petering and Strehlow
0552note The Albrecht's view of the arrival
0553note Description of a tjurunga
0554note about T.G.H. Strehlow
0555hypertext_1933 a rush for the magic aspirin
0556hypertext_1933 acting bashing out the baby's brains on rocks
0557hypertext_1933 Larnach had no trouble getting skulls
0558hypertext_1933 natives deliberately spreading fire
0559hypertext_1933 we heard bull roarers start up in the late evening
0560hypertext_1933 The noise increased as the dancers worked themselves up
0561hypertext_1933 sounds of quarrels and much belligerence
0562hypertext_1933 We were silent for once, just trying to endure
0563hypertext_1933 Murch had a sudden tantrum
0564hypertext_1933 we spent the night about a mile ahead of the tribe
0565hypertext_1933 it was sacred to the honey-ant totem
0566hypertext_1933 we came to our great surprise on the mission boy
0567hypertext_1933 The others traded churingas for a little flour and sugar
0568hypertext_1933 all day, swinging the pitchi round on their head
0569hypertext_1933 we passed the last bit of Haasts Bluff
0570hypertext_1933 the tops of mountains appeared to be floating in mid-air
0571hypertext_1933 the dimensions were in the eye of the beholder
0572hypertext_1933 a rocky pinnacle called Blanche's Towers
0573hypertext_1933 a rounded chamber about ten feet in diameter
0574hypertext_1933 there was a legend of a Keditcha man
0575hypertext_1933 Keditcha boots made of emu feathers that left no trace
0576hypertext_1933 Mt. Liebig loomed up closer and closer
0577hypertext_1933 It was obviously harder for the women
0578hypertext_1933 They all had many keloid-like scars
0579hypertext_1933 many of the women had duplicate nipples
0580hypertext_1933 all fresh meat has to be wallaby, euro or emu
0581hypertext_1933 It went into pickle after being drawn by Murch
0582hypertext_1933 trade in churingas of stone,a skull and some digging sticks
0583hypertext_1933 watched them digging yams on a sandy patch
0584hypertext_1933 I again had an unsuccessful journey after wallabies
0585hypertext_1933 Larnach got a skull and a couple of emu heads
0586hypertext_1933 Another trip after meat met with great success
0587hypertext_1933 I had to lie through my teeth about the distance
0588hypertext_1933 he was a big weight to carry four miles
0589hypertext_1933 In the evening we gorged ourselves on meat
0590hypertext_1933 the natives brought in dingo skulls, bilbees,.
0591hypertext_1933 I set off to the south, on foot
0592hypertext_1933 I walked until midnight
0593hypertext_1933 All I saw was a large dark snake
0594hypertext_1933 another mug of tea with the remains of the echidna
0595hypertext_1933 a desolate flat plain with scattered claypans
0596hypertext_1933 I thought I could smell honey
0597hypertext_1933 The perfume and luxuriance was incredible
0598hypertext_1933 recite poetry aloud like a lunatic
0599hypertext_1933 the cliffs were about 12-1500ft high
0600hypertext_1933 a pool of quite fresh water
0601hypertext_1933 the Olgas on the far distant horizon
0602hypertext_1933 one day I would reach the Olgas
0603hypertext_1933 the need for prudence and care
0604hypertext_1933 As I stood up I saw a party of natives
0605hypertext_1933 What they thought I have no idea
0606hypertext_1933 I kicked myself for not collecting
0607hypertext_1933 almost hypnotized by the rhythm of movement
0608hypertext_1933 I dragged over the last four miles
0609hypertext_1933 surprised and relieved to see me
0610hypertext_1933 life cycles are speeded up
0611hypertext_1933 I described the natives I had seen
0612hypertext_1933 Murch did a sketch of me sitting naked
0613hypertext_1933 on foot to Mount Liebig
0614hypertext_1933 Larnach's skulls and bones
0615hypertext_1933 the morals are quite high class
0616hypertext_1933 a few churingas, death bones
0617retracing the 1933 Camel Journey in 1996: Print options
0618index various versions of journals and written explanations
0619Warning culturally sensitive material
0620map Mount Liebig
0621map Mount Peculiar
0622map Claypans south of Mt. Peculiar
0623map Amunurunga Range
0624map Blanche Tower
0625map Blanche Tower Creek
0626map Aijaija Creek
0627hypertext_1933 I shot one rabbit for Hezekiel
0628hypertext_1933 Murch kept dreaming
0629hypertext_1933 arguing the future evolution of man
0630hypertext_1933 The water had sunk about 4 feet
0631hypertext_1933 sore from the blowing sand
0632hypertext_1933 Murch wanted to do a painting of the Gosses
0633hypertext_1933 riding on the white sand in the moonlight
0634hypertext_1933 The pack camel also broke away twice
0635hypertext_1933 Numbers are unreliable with all blacks
0636hypertext_1933 waterhole was wholly covered with duck
0637hypertext_1933 we got a skull in good condition
0638hypertext_1933 across country towards Mt. Hermannsburg
0639hypertext_1933 the place looked deserted
0640hypertext_1933 dust storm
0641hypertext_1933 the last day of the experiments
0642hypertext_1933 names bestowed by the natives
0643hypertext_1933 earthy implications of our tribal relationships
0644hypertext_1933 we started to pack up the gear
0645hypertext_1933 a station owner called Macnamara
0646hypertext_1933 it was believed to be useless country
0647hypertext_1933 interpretation of my churingas
0648hypertext_1933 He also bought a pair of keditcha boots
0649hypertext_1933 Maurice and I have bribed Miller
0650hypertext_1933 a long discussion with Albrecht
0651hypertext_1933 took a lubra along as a matter of course
0652hypertext_1933 the mission forms a buffer
0653memory With the railway began the extermination
0654original journal 1933 Journal written in pencil Page 40
0655retrace 1996 Melbourne - Munnum 15th September 1996
0656retrace 1996 Munnum -Quorn 16th September 1996
0657retrace 1996 Quorn - Cadney Homestead 17th September 1996
0658retrace 1996 Cadney Homestead - Alice Springs 18th September 1996
0659retrace 1996 Alice Springs - Ellery Creek 19th September 1996
0660retrace 1996 Ellery Creek - Mt. Liebig 20th September 1996
0661retrace 1996 Mt. Liebig - Ellery Creek 22th September 1996
0662retrace 1996 Ellery Creek - Palm Valley 23th September 1996
0663retrace 1996 Palm Valley - Kings Canyon 24th September 1996
0664retrace 1996 the 1933 Camel Journey in 1996: Cover
0665retrace 1996 Kings Canyon - The Olgas 25th September 1996
0666retrace 1996 The Olgas - Yulara 26th September 1996
0667retrace 1996 Yulara - gibber plain 27th September 1996
0668retrace 1996 gibber plain - Morgan 28th September 1996
0669retrace 1996 introduction to go with printout
0670artefact incised pointing bone
0671artefact incised pointing bone
0672artefact incised pointing bone
0673artefact incised pointing bone
0674photo Mt. Peculiar from Mt. Liebig
0675photo Mt. Peculiar
0676index 1933 Journal on foot path + links
0677map Mangerake Rockhole
0678map Mount Crawford
0679map Haasts Bluff
0680map Mount Edward
0681map Papunya
0682diary Lasseter's cover
0683diary Lasseter's page 1 - Drawing of aboriginal women
0684diary Lasseter's page 2
0685diary Lasseter's page 3
0686diary Lasseter's page 4
0687diary Lasseter's page 5
0688diary Lasseter's page 6
0689diary Lasseter's page 7
0690diary Lasseter's page 8
0691diary Lasseter's page 9
0692poem Sonnet - One afternoon near Lightning Ridge in May
0693index 1996 Mannum to Quorn
0694journal 1976 - return to the centre
0695note Massacre
0696memory vials of morphine
0697memory not the ones I remember
0698memory The journal was written in pencil
0699memory Lamplit I work
0700memory What really happened?
0701memory I pilot this story
0702original journal 1933 journal written in pencil page 41
0703original journal 1933 journal written in pencil page 42
0704original journal 1933 journal written in pencil page 43
0705original journal 1933 journal written in pencil page 44
0706original journal 1933 journal written in pencil page 45
0707original journal 1933 journal written in pencil page 46
0708original journal 1933 journal written in pencil page 47
0709original journal 1933 journal written in pencil page 48
0710original journal 1933 journal written in pencil page 49
0711original journal 1933 journal written in pencil page 50
0712original journal 1933 journal written in pencil page 51
0713original journal 1933 journal written in pencil page 52
0714original journal 1933 journal written in pencil page 53
0715original journal 1933 journal written in pencil page 54
0716original journal 1933 journal written in pencil page 55
0717original journal 1933 journal written in pencil page 56
0718original journal 1933 journal written in pencil page 57
0719original journal 1933 journal written in pencil page 59 reverse (back)
0720Warning about churinga
0721Warning about churinga
0722Warning about churinga
0723original journal 1933 journal written in pencil page 30
0724original journal 1933 journal written in pencil page 31
0725original journal 1933 journal written in pencil page 32
0726original journal 1933 journal written in pencil page 33
0727original journal 1933 journal written in pencil page 34
0728original journal 1933 journal written in pencil page 35
0729original journal 1933 journal written in pencil page 36
0730original journal 1933 journal written in pencil page 37
0731original journal 1933 journal written in pencil page 38
0732original journal 1933 journal written in pencil page 39
0733memory see a tiny figure limping towards me
0734datascape image of the site
0735memory It is hard to remember my arrival
0736memory the water cascaded out of every crack
0737memory a marked tree
0738land Drawing of Warrumbungles
0739proposal Curating Digital Media at Cinemedia
0740original journal journal written in pencil page 16
0741original journal journal written in pencil page 17
0742original journal journal written in pencil page 18
0743original journal journal written in pencil page 19
0744original journal journal written in pencil page 20
0745original journal journal written in pencil page 21
0746original journal journal written in pencil page 22
0747original journal journal written in pencil page 23
0748original journal journal written in pencil page 24
0749original journal journal written in pencil page 25
0750original journal journal written in pencil page 26
0751original journal journal written in pencil page 27
0752original journal journal written in pencil page 28
0753original journal journal written in pencil page 29
0754original journal journal written in pencil page 29a
0755article for Cantrells Film Notes (See FOD0259.html)
0756memory In it was a human skull
0757memory (an aboriginal war)
0758Warning about objects of power
0759Warning about objects of power
0760Warning about objects of power
0761memory scrap from typewritten version of journal
0762memory The carvings formed three oval shapes
0763note #2 Lasseter' reef of gold
0764diary Lasseter's page 10
0765diary Lasseter's page 11
0766diary Lasseter's page 12
0767updates history and activity
0768diary Lasseter's page 13
0769diary Lasseter's page 14
0770diary Lasseter's page 15
0771diary Lasseter's page 16
0772diary Lasseter's page 17
0773diary Lasseter's page 18
0774diary Lasseter's page 19
0775diary Lasseter's page 20
0776diary Lasseter's page 21
0777diary Lasseter's page 22
0778diary Lasseter's page 23
0779diary Lasseter's page 24
0780conversation concerning Aboriginal material
0781essay Blinding the Duck - Aboriginal representation on-line
0782application to Australia Council - hypertext version
0783 Warning about ethnographic image
0784 Warning about ethnographic image
0785memory He sang himself an inner life
0786letter from RMIT HREC (98-02-16)
0787memory (datascape)
0788memory paths through terrain
0789land interior
0790land bark
0791metadata PICS - Rating description
0792 Warning about ethnographic image
0793memory free
0794memory pounding at keys
0795memory Luminent ghost light
0796memory from chemical imprints
0797memory (in sequence unseen)
0798memory tracks remain
0799memory (from 70 - 20)
0800memory a hidden drawer would open
0801memory He was not an addict
0802memory photographs of an aboriginal war
0803memory It causes me pain to remember
0804memory when he died she had opened the window
0805memory This is not grief
0806memory the whole country turned to strange uses
0807memory (train journey)
0808memory the trains became their life
0809 Warning about cultural sensitivity
0810 Warning about cultural sensitivity
0811 Warning about cultural sensitivity
0812 Warning about cultural sensitivity
0813 Warning about cultural sensitivity
0814 Warning about cultural sensitivity
0815memory Janjinga ripped off the travesty
0816memory the siding rang with the shouts
0817artefact Tjurunga (Warning - culturally sensitive)
0818artefact Tjurunga (Warning - culturally sensitive)
0819artefact shield (convex side)
0820artefact bullroarer
0821artefact bullroarer
0822artefact pitchi
0823index Site Management
0824artefact Tjurunga (WarningPassword protected - culturally sensitive)
0825artefact Tjurunga (WarningPassword protected - culturally sensitive)
0826land structure
0827Metadata Experimental PICS rating
0828memory the track of one
0829memory direction
0830memory peculiar
0831memory respects
0832memory native
0833memory The wind - funnelling through a gap in the range
0834memory the rain seemed to build up
0835memory hundreds of plans and constructions overflowing
0836letter from RMIT Human Research Ethics Committee
0837Assess Guide to the assessment of this project
0838Protocol Examination, Submission and Storage
0839letter To Gus Williams - Hermannsburg
0840conversation Incoming messages and questions for the year 1998
0841index Keith Street collection
0842photo The Ghan
0843photo The Ghan 1943
0844photo Quorn - Transcontinental Hotel
0845photo Quorn - Transcontinental Hotel 2
0846photo Quorn railway yards and main street
0847Draft Building Cinemedia's Digital Environment
0848photo Alice Springs - camel riders
0849photo Algebuckna bridge
0850photo Train tender
0851photo Train in flood
0852photo Train in flood - Finke River
0853photo Train crash - head on
0854Protocols ATSI Protocols
0855letter 2nd - to Ethics Committee (98-05-13)
0856Proposal Machines that See
0857letter 3rd - to Ethics Committee (98-05-24)
0858Ethics Correspondence relating to Ethics
0859letter from NLA (98-02-24)
0860letter from RMIT HREC (98-04-07)
0861Emails Relating to RMIT HREC actions
0862Policy Detail: RMIT Ethical Issues Policy Document
0863Report Title page of (paper) Research Report
0864Report Declaration of authenticity (paper) Research Report
0865Report Acknowledgements and thanks (paper) Research Report
0866Report Table of Contents - (paper) Research Report
0867Report Summary - (paper) Research Report
0868Report Introduction - (paper) Research Report
0869Report Bibliography - (paper) Research Report
0870Source Statement for source location
0871Invitation to participate and recourse if unhappy
0872Report Conclusion - (paper) Research Report
0873Work Cinemedia - consultancy
0874Engine Search engine for The Flight of Ducks
0875Engine Search results for The Flight of Ducks
0876Legal Documentation for legal action
0877 poem Sonnet: The life-lorn dingo's sadly haunting calls
0878 about Animation formats
0880 about Repeated icons formats
0881 conversation Replies to messages and questions for the year 1998
0882 conversation 1999 messages and questions
0883 conversation Replies to messages and questions for the year 1999
0884 conversation Email - culturally sensitive)
0885 photo Bugaldie Gap (Wheoh) Jan 1976
0886 memory Bugaldie Gap (Wheoh) Jan 1999
0887 memory Roads are like scratches
0888 memory Scabby rock (mist)
0889 memory Scabby rock
0890 land Tower north
0891 land Tower west
0892 diary Lasseter's page 25
0893 diary Lasseter's page 26
0894 diary Lasseter's page 27
0895 diary Lasseter's page 28
0896 diary Lasseter's page 29
0897 diary Lasseter's page 30
0898 diary Lasseter's page 31
0899 diary Lasseter's page 32
0900 diary Lasseter's page 33
0901 News 1998 news archive
0902 diary Lasseter's page 34
0903 memory At home for christmas
0904 memory wanderer butterflies
0905 memory gum leaves, bark and twigs
0906 memory wreckage of burnt-out cicadas
0907 memory burnt-out cicada
0908 memory The air is hot - and still
0909 memory great wafts of breeze
0910 memory to settle with a rustle
0911 memory with a rustle
0912 memory The great summer shedding
0913 memory fractures appear
0914 memory zig-zag wanderings
0915 memory thought provoking text
0916 memory Battered and tattered
0917 memory transparent wings
0918 memory the ground begins to soften
0919 memory shaking off the debris
0920 memory the world expands
0921 diary Lasseter's page 35
0922 diary Lasseter's page 36
0923 diary Lasseter's page 37
0924 diary Lasseter's page 38
0925 diary Lasseter's page 39
0926 diary Lasseter's page 40
0927 diary Lasseter's page 41
0928 diary Lasseter's page 42
0929 diary Lasseter's page 43
0930 diary Lasseter's page 44
0931 diary Lasseter's page 45
0932 diary Lasseter's page 46
0933 diary Lasseter's page 47
0934 diary Lasseter's page 48
0935 diary Lasseter's page 49
0936 diary Lasseter's page 50
0937 diary Lasseter's page 51
0938 diary Lasseter's page 52
0939 diary Lasseter's page 53
0940 essay Cultural conflict about The Flight of Ducks
0941 diary Lasseter's page 54
0942 diary Lasseter's page 55
0943 diary Lasseter's page 56
0944 diary Lasseter's page 57
0945 diary Lasseter's page 58
0946 diary Lasseter's page 59
0947 diary Lasseter's page 60
0948 diary Lasseter's page 61
0949 poem Watiyawanu by David Kikby
0950 poem Junga Yimi by David Kikby
0951 poem Kaltukatjara by David Kikby
0952 book Introduction to The Arunta by Spencer and Gillen
0953 conversation Incoming messages and questions for the year 2000
0954 conversation Replies to messages and questions for the year 2000
0955 diary Lasseter's page 62
0956 diary Lasseter's page 63
0957 diary Lasseter's page 64
0958 diary Lasseter's page 65
0959 diary Lasseter's page 66
0960 diary Lasseter's page 67
0961 diary Lasseter's page 68
0962 diary Lasseter's page 69
0963 diary Lasseter's page 70
0964 diary Lasseter's page 71
0965 artefact Tjurunga bought at eBay on-line auction
0966 newspaper Alice Springs News
0967 diary Lasseter's page 72
0968 diary Lasseter's page 73
0969 diary Lasseter's page 74
0970 diary Lasseter's page 75
0971 diary Lasseter's page 76
0972 diary Lasseter's page 77
0973 diary Lasseter's page 78
0974diary Lasseter's page 79
0975diary Lasseter's page 80
0976diary Lasseter's page 81
0977diary Lasseter's page 82
0978diary Lasseter's page 83
0979diary Lasseter's page 84
0980diary Lasseter's page 85
0981diary Lasseter's page 86
0982diary Lasseter's page 87
0983diary Lasseter's page 88
0984diary Lasseter's page 89
0985diary Lasseter's page 90
0986diary Lasseter's page 91
0987diary Lasseter's page 92
0988diary Lasseter's page 93
0989 conversation Incoming messages and questions for the year 2001
0990 conversation Replies to messages and questions for the year 2001
0991 essay 'You no big fellow Master' by Timothy Mason
0992poem sonnet: Twenty thousand dawns
0994 note Captured note about The SugarMan Project
0995 artefact Stone Churinga - e-bay (Warning culturally sensitive)
0996 conversation Incoming messages and questions for the year 2002
0997 conversation Replies tomessages and questions for the year 2002
0998 artefact Stone Churinga - (Warning culturally sensitive)
0999 artefact Stone Churinga - culturally sensitive
1000 Warning about cultural sensitivity
1001 note Joseph Birdsell
1002 note Norman B. Tindale Obituary by Phillip Jones
1003 book Preface: Native Tribes of the Northern Territory of Australia by Baldwin Spencer
1004 book Introduction and Chapter 1
1005 book Chapter 2: Social organisation and Marriage Regulations
1006 book Chapter 3: Initiation Ceremonies
1007 book Chapter 4: Totemic Systems and Totem Groups
1008 book Chapter 5: Sacred Sticks, Bullroarers, and Ceremonial Objects
1009 book Chapter 6: Burial and Mourning Ceremonies
1010 book Chapter 7: Magic and Medicine
1011book Chapter 8: Beliefs in Regard to the Origin of Children
1012 book Chapter 9: Traditions Concerning Imberombera, The Great Ancestor, And Also Other Ancestors Of The Kakadu Nation
1013 book Chapter 10: Various Traditions, Customs and Beliefs
1014 book Chapter 11: Food Restrictions
1015 book Chapter 12: Weapons and Implements
1016 book Chapter 13: Clothing and Ornament
1017 book Chapter 14: Decorative Art
1018 book The Euahlayi Tribe - A Study of Aboriginal Life in Australia
1019 book 1922 - 10th Oct. Journey to Horseshoe Bend by TGH Strehlow Warning
1020 book 1922 - 11th Oct. Journey to Horseshoe Bend by TGH Strehlow Warning
1021 book 1922 - 12th Oct. Journey to Horseshoe Bend by TGH Strehlow Warning
1022 book 1922 - 13th Oct. Journey to Horseshoe Bend by TGH Strehlow Warning
1023 book 1922 - 14th Oct. Journey to Horseshoe Bend by TGH Strehlow Warning
1024 book 1922 - 15th Oct. Journey to Horseshoe Bend by TGH Strehlow Warning
1025 book 1922 - 16th Oct. Journey to Horseshoe Bend by TGH Strehlow Warning
1026 book 1922 - 17th Oct. Journey to Horseshoe Bend by TGH Strehlow Warning
1027 book 1922 - 18th Oct. Journey to Horseshoe Bend by TGH Strehlow Warning
1028 book 1922 - 19th Oct. Journey to Horseshoe Bend by TGH Strehlow Warning
1029 book 1922 - 20th Oct. Journey to Horseshoe Bend by TGH Strehlow Warning
1030 book 1922 - 21st Oct. Journey to Horseshoe Bend by TGH Strehlow Warning
1031 book 1922 - 22nd Oct. Journey to Horseshoe Bend by TGH Strehlow Warning
1032 essay Decolonising the Concept of Knowledge by Victor Hart
1033 conversation Incoming messages and questions for the year 2003
1034 conversation Replies to messages and questions for the year 2003
1035 objects ceremonial artefacts sold at auction (ebay) 2003
1036 objects ceremonial artefacts sold at auction (ebay) 2004
1037 conversation Incoming messages and questions for the year 2004
1038 conversation Replies to messages and questions for the year 2004
1039 index Poetry
1040 poem Sonnet - Like a host who is waiting for his uninvited guest
1041 poem Sonnet - This afternoon I'm taking my son for a Yarra walk
1042 poem Sonnet - We've emptied trucks and trailers, unloaded graoning vans
1043 poem Sonnet - Move in closer please, this device is locally made
1044 poem Sonnet - We are loaded through a shute into this commuter flight
1045 poem Sonnet - Wished away in a taxi reeking
1046 poem Sonnet - This morning the council dumped big bins
1047 poem Sonnet - There must be something wrong with me
1048 Duck Digital
1049 essay Bullroarers by Bethe Hagens
1050 collection Central Australian ceremonial objects
1051objects Objects and artefacts
1052 objects ceremonial artefacts sold at auction (ebay) 2005
1053 conversation Incoming messages and questions for the year 2005
1054 conversation Replies to messages and questions for the year 2005
1055 essay Quakes, Quivers and Quacks - How the first online ETD has fared over 10 years
1056 objects ceremonial artefacts sold at auction (ebay) 2006
1057 conversation Incoming messages and questions for the year 2006
1058 conversation Replies to messages and questions for the year 2006
1059 test
1060 Note Strehlow - a note by Dr John Morton
1061 objects ceremonial artefacts sold at auction (ebay) 2010
1062 objects Notes about archiving for Melb Uni - 22 July 2010
1063 objects ceremonial artefacts sold at auction (ebay) 2011
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