28th January 1933 - Haasts Bluff - Saturday

This is the first chance I have had to look around me and take stock since we left the mission. We have been here a couple of days now waiting for some natives to turn up so that they can come out to Mount Liebig with us and collect animals for Larnach.

We had a bit of trouble in getting a start from the station on Monday owing to some camels going bush but eventually we got a start in the evening leaving our camel boy Hezekiel behind temporarily. During the first part of the trip we were accompanied by Strehlow and Petering who are making a short trip out through the Gosses ranges.

We have four riding camels in our party and one pack camel, one of the riding camels having an infernal little calf a couple of weeks old.

The first night we made about three miles and then camped for the night, put the hobbles on the camels and let them go. In the morning when the camels came in we loaded up and set off. We made about nine miles in the morning to the salty water hole called Luchera Springs. We were still following the Krichauff Ranges. We took the heavy weights: flour and sugar etc off the camels and had lunch. Murch did a quick and delightful sketch of his camel here.

We waited out the heat for about an hour and then pushed on another eight miles to Gilbert Springs where a black stockman rode in to water his horse.

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