Camel Expedition - The journey out

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Journal0121 Haasts Bluff 28th Jan 1933
Photo0179 Course, Petering and Strehlow
Journal0120 we made about three miles and then camped
Photo0208 We have four riding camels
Photo0184 camel calf in the yards
Journal0118 black stockman rode in
Journal0117 calf kept running through the nose line
Photo0206 Camels in a string
Journal0116 the day's journey can be seen in the morning
Journal0114 routine of the day - a telegram
Journal0113 we saw tremendous storms in the distance
Photo0076 camels resting
Journal0111 low red sand hills stretching away
Photo0225 Gosses Ranges
Journal0109 Here Strehlow and Petering left us
Painting0052 Gosses Ranges by Arthur Murch
Journal0108 we dug a soak - ration of flour and tea and sugar
Journal0107 camels slipping on the loose stones
Journal0106 thick mulga in the Macdonnell Ranges
Photo0207 camels travelling through trees and spinifex
Journal0105 Mountains and fresh water
Journal0104 passing time with argument
Journal0103 subjects of argument
Journal0101 animals
Photo0012 Arthur Murch in Pith Helmet
Journal0100 hardening up
Journal0099 gear and supplies
Journal0098 starting for Haasts Bluff
Journal0097 approaching Haasts Bluff
Journal0096 footprints of natives
Photo0096 4 Aboriginal men with two boys
Journal0041 Women arrive with wooden pitchis
Journal0094 trading for weapons
Photo0049 Aboriginal men with weapons
Photo0047 Aboriginal men with weapons
Journal0095 wild Luritcha
Journal0040 Impressions of the natives
Photo0144 Shadow of F.J.A. Pockley photographing children
Journal0092 Titus watching
Journal0122 Titus upset
Journal0039 the real untouched variety of native
Photo0048 Two Aboriginal men with painted chests
Journal0038 One verse of `God save the King'
Journal0033 lost meaning of song's words
Journal0089 (ducksong)
Journal0034 Duck song reference
Journal0035 gestures, flapping elbows, duck noises
Journal0090 respect and keeping off the devils
Journal0062 Murch paints a medal
Photo0063 Aboriginal with Murch painted king-plate
Journal0036 Ngalia - spear & boomerang throwing
Photo0191 2 boys with boomerang - double exposure
Journal0091 throwing sticks and boomerangs
Journal0123 throwing sticks - collecting churingas
Journal0037 Ngalia - treating abscess
Journal0555 a rush for the magic aspirin
Essay0781 the death, through tuberculosis, venereal disease...
Journal0556 acting bashing out the baby's brains on rocks
Journal0557 Larnach had no trouble getting skulls
Journal0558 natives deliberately spreading fire
Journal0559 we heard bull roarers start up in the late evening
Journal0560 The noise increased as the dancers worked themselves up
Journal0561 sounds of quarrels and much belligerence
Journal0562 We were silent for once, just trying to endure
Sonnet0022 in swirling, shining vortices of space,
Journal0563 Murch had a sudden tantrum
Journal0564 we spent the night about a mile ahead of the tribe
Journal0565 it was sacred to the honey-ant totem
Photo0163 Aboriginal honey ant totem site
Journal0566 we came to our great surprise on the mission boy
Journal0567 The others traded churingas for a little flour and sugar
Journal0568 all day, swinging the pitchi round on their head
Artefact0822 pitchi
Journal0569 we passed the last bit of Haasts Bluff
Photo0297 a split in the ranges
Photo0171 MacDonnell Ranges
Journal0570 the tops of mountains appeared to be floating in mid-air
Photo0296 Ranges in the distance
Journal0571 the dimensions were in the eye of the beholder
Journal0572 a rocky pinnacle called Blanche's Towers
Journal 19960661 Blanche's Towers
Journal0573 a rounded chamber about ten feet in diameter
Photo0298 Arthur Murch at Talipata
Photo0045 Cave at Talipata
Journal0574 there was a legend of a Keditcha man
Journal0575 Keditcha boots made of emu feathers that left no trace
Journal0576 Mt. Liebig loomed up closer and closer
Journal0577 It was obviously harder for the women
Journal0578 They all had many keloid-like scars
Journal0579 many of the women had duplicate nipples
Photo0064 Detail - Aboriginal mother & daughter with 3 nipples
Photo0141 Aboriginal mother & daughter with 3 nipples
Journal0580 all fresh meat has to be wallaby, euro or emu
Journal0581 It went into pickle after being drawn by Murch
Journal0582 trade in churingas of stone,a skull and some digging sticks
Photo0145 Man with 5 Aboriginal children
Journal0583 watched them digging yams on a sandy patch
Photo0155 Aboriginal women and children on a slope
Journal0584 I again had an unsuccessful journey after wallabies
Journal0585 Larnach got a skull and a couple of emu heads
Journal0586 Another trip after meat met with great success
Journal0587 I had to lie through my teeth about the distance
Journal0588 he was a big weight to carry four miles
Journal0589 In the evening we gorged ourselves on meat
Journal0590 the natives brought in dingo skulls, bilbees,...

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