Memory - index of screens

Press screen number
Memory line0699 Lamplit I work
Memory line0794 pounding at keys
Memory line0795 Luminent ghost light
Memory line0796 from chemical imprints
Memory line0797 in sequence unseen
Memory line0700 What really happened
Memory line0701 I pilot this story
Memory line0787 contaminates truth
Memory line0787 There are
Memory line0798 paths through terrain
Memory line0216 Now the roads are like scratches
Memory line0257 Sometimes they call out across the street
Memory line0337 Adults seem to hold themselves back
Memory line0338 because I don't wear shoes
Memory line0828 we have only seen the track of one
Memory line0829 who seems to have come from the east
Memory line0830 the track of the native was peculiar
Memory line0831 not broad and flat
Memory line0832 more like the print of a white man
Memory line0463 the mark of solitude
Memory line0733 a tiny figure limping towards me
Memory line0735 It is hard to remember my arrival
Memory line0833 Rain mist and pain obscured
Memory line0834 The rain seemed to build up
Memory line0835 plans and constructions overflowing
Memory line0736 the water cascaded out of every crack
Memory line0737 the heaving apple gums - a marked tree
Memory line0762 The carvings formed three oval shapes
Memory line0482 (He sung the Iliad)
Memory line0785 He sang himself an inner life
Memory line0093 His gradual blindness was ironic
Memory line0799 ("I was only 20")
Memory line0054 "I was only twenty years old"
Memory line0462 He rewrote this journal
Memory line0461 It was a room of secrets
Memory line0800 On a high desk
Memory line0696 (vials of morphine)
Memory line0801 He was not an addict
Memory line0756 vials of morphine and a skull
Memory line0112 when he was dying
Memory line0803 It causes me pain to remember
Memory line0804 I wondered what had happened
Memory line0805 I had grieved before
Memory line0697 not the ones I remember
Memory line0802 images of aboriginal war
Memory line0757 (images of aboriginal war)
Memory line0698 the journal
Memory line0460 `Doctors to study Aborigines'
Memory line0807 views from The Ghan
Memory line0653 With the railway began the extermination
Memory line0806 Each group saw its waters used up
Memory line0464 They were mesmerised by the trains
Memory line0808 the rhythm of their days
Memory line0465 old blind Janjinga
Memory line0815 Janjinga ripped off the travesty of a frock
Memory line0467 stood with arms outstretched
Memory line0816 the siding rang with the shouts
Memory line0474 faces with unknown names
Memory line0475 faces with unknown names
Memory line0476 faces with unknown names
Memory line0477 faces with unknown names
Memory line0478 faces with unknown names
Memory line0471 Telegraph train and internet

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