9th January 1933 (cont.) - extreme heat arrival at Hermannsburg Mission

I spent four hours of the eighty mile journey riding on top in the sun and dry wind in a state of dessication, dodging branches of the mulgas as we came to them. The whole trip was parallel to the Macdonnell Ranges until Hermannsburg was reached. The ranges take the on the name of Krichauff and lie more north-south than the east-west Macdonnells.

Just after sunset we came to the mission across low sand hills having passed the last dead beasts and camel about a half mile before. We could just see a few native wurlies and an aggregation of white buildings as we came. The whole population was turned out, yelling away in Arundta at us. Some of them fell to and helped unload the truck, which then departed again for home. Soon after the car arrived with Davies, Wardlaw, Murch and Larnach driven by Johannsen.

We had a huge tea in the German style in Albrecht's quarters and the sweat absolutely poured off us. After this, sleeping quarters were alloted. Murch and I are rooming together in the house where we will do our experiments, if any.

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