1933 photographs: thumbnail index
Double exposure of aboriginal men within boys chests Index 1 or Index 2
aboriginal mother & daughter with 3 nipples Index
aboriginal daughter (detail) Index
aboriginal mother(detail)Index
curious genetic (detail) Index
aboriginal Honey Ant totem site Index
aboriginal group standing in river bed Index
aboriginal man with two women and billy Index
donkey team from Hermannsburg Index
aboriginal women and children-hillside Index
aboriginal youth and 2 boys-2Xposure Index
cave with water bag Index
2 aboriginal men with chest paint Index
4 Ngalia men sitting with weapons Index
5 aboriginal men with weapons on bank Index
5 aboriginal youths on bank with billy Index
aboriginal 3 men looking down gorge Index
aboriginal with King-plate painted by Arthur Murch Index
aboriginal women sitting in group with babies Index
2 aboriginal women with toddlers Index
aboriginal Mother and child (detail-foreground)Index
aboriginal Mother and child (detail-background) Index
aboriginal boy on camel passing rocky slope Index
F.J.A. Pockley Index
Alice Springs - Heavitree Gap Index
Alice Springs panorama Index
Alice Springs panorama Index
Alice Springs unloading at camel gate Index
Hermannsburg setting up. Davies,Joseph and FJAP Index
Hermannsburg-Donkeys-in shade Index
Murch attending camel after runaway Index
landscape Gosses Bluff - panorama Index
landscape Gosses Bluff - panorama Index
wide valley with range in distance Index
rocky waterhole Index
looking down over stoney valley Index
Glen Helen expanse of water in gorge Index
Glen Helen water in gorge Index
range with shadows Index
Murch looking to gorge with drawing padIndex
Arthur Murch in pith helmet Index
Palm Valley 1
Palm Valley 2
Gibber desertIndex
train at water tankIndex
Todd river gap with railway line Index
Alice Springs-Joseph with loaded truck Index
Alice Springs-street scene with car Index
Alice Springs-street with FJAP-ghost gums Index
Alice Springs Half castes at old telegraph station Index
Alice Springs-off to Hermannsburg-40 mile stop Index
Alice Springs to Hermannsburg-car with desert oak Index
gorge with two figures amongst rocks Index
donkey team with wagonload of wood Index
mission: Manasseh, Barry, Kurt, Old Moses with shovel Index
mission: children donkeys-buildings Index
mission: stone buildings people distant Index
mission: well with horse,tank and building Index
mission: 'red debil willi-willi' Index
mission: thatched huts Index + Index
mission: buildings camel packs Index
mission: camels Boney Bream Index
mission: Camels with packs group in shade Index
mission: camel on rope Index
mission: Hugh Barry + Manasse Index
mission: group of 3 donkeys Index
mission: Donkeys, group, palm trees, figure Index
mission: 6 children with Hugh Barry and FJAP Index
mission: Barry, Davies, Ntjikitjikurrpa, Albrecht and FJAP Index
mission: Manasse, Davies, Albrecht, Joseph, Ford Index
mission: (detail) Manasse, Davies, Albrecht, Joseph, Ford Index
mission: men standing with spears, women and children Index
mission: men standing without spears, women and children Index
mission: spear throwing in front of yards Index
mission: spinning hair demonstration Index
mission: 9 men in group with bags Index
mission: Donkey team in shade Index
mission: Aboriginal fire making. FJAP filming Index
mission: Barry, Joseph, Wardlaw, Davies Index
mission: Albrechts with children Index
misssion: Course, Petersen and Strehlow Index
mission: Old Moses+women+children at grinding wheel Index
mission: Adobe building Index
mission: Donkey team in shade with boy riding Index
mission: Donkey team with wagon Index
mission: Petersen cutting hair Index
mission:children and Petersen - school Index
mission: horse breaking Index
Camel head and shoulders - with saddle Index
Manasse, Barry, stockman, Davies, Joseph, Kurt Index
mission: holding up the prentie lizard Index
mission: prentie lizard held on cord Index
mission: goats in shade Index
Kurt digging for water Index
Kurt, Course, Joseph, FJAP cooking echidna Index
Hugh Barry mounted with Manasseh backgroud Index
Camels on the march in string Index
Finke River Mail - Bony Bream Tillmouth Index
Four camels resting Index
camels resting among trees Index
camel mother in yards with baby Index
camel mother with bell - baby feeding Index
camels Barry,Joseph,Course,Kurt,Manasseh Index
camels with saddles resting in shade Index
camel sitting with saddle Index
camels in shade with man Index
riders - Joseph and Manasseh Index
Davies in swag - shadow of FJAP Index
car - Hugh Barry,Kurt driving, Manasse Index
Glen Helen - 3 men in water Index
Glen Helen-4 figures in the gap Index
Glen Helen-figure swimming in the gap Index
The Ghan - Coward Springs Index
cattle in distance Index
Glen Helen - water in gap Index
Glen Helen-rock strata Index
Glen Helen-lone figure in rocky gap Index
Glen Helen-close view of vertical strata Index
Finke River with homestead and distant range Index
Glen Helen rock formations Index
Finke river Index
Finke river bed Index
Finke running after storm Index
The Ghan - unidentified train halt Index
3 men sitting in the open Index
aboriginal drovers with mob of cattle Index
Ntjikitjikurrpa standing with child Index
naked man with spear and woomera Index
family group in front of wurlie Index
aboriginal 5 children with their father Index
man with spears and woman in front of wurlie Index
aboriginal detail of woman in front of wurlie Index
aboriginal man with spears and woman and child Index
aboriginal-man in front of wurlie Index
aboriginal children with photographers shadow Index
aboriginal man profile - breakwind Index
2 men with beards against backdrop Index
aboriginal man against backdrop Index
aboriginal 2 malnourished children Index
aboriginal three men standing Index
Arundta hunting party with spears on run Index
aboriginal man in pants against backdrop Index
group sitting with dog in shade of tree Index
4 aboriginal men with 2 boys spears shields&boomerangs Index
3 donkeys being ridden by 2 boys and adult Index
Back to Quorn Week (cover) Index
Quorn Railway Station-1933 Index
Quorn Sixth Street-1933 Index
Mayor Thompson Index
T.E.Strehlow Index
Albrecht Index