8th January 1933 - half-caste home at the Old Telegraph Station

link to original journal Johannsen is a carrier and mail man and previous mission superintendant. Albrecht is head of the Hermannsburg Mission. We talked there till lunch time about Lasseter's problematical gold reef and then Murch and I went off to lunch with the Browns.

In the afternoon Murch and I went up to the half-caste home a couple of miles north of the town, at the original springs, where a person called Freeman had charge. He whistled up the inhabitants, showed us all over the place and gave us a look at the kids. There are quite a number of quadroon and octaroons amongst them, the latter bordering pretty closely on white. The infants, (up to about two) show no appreciable colouring at all, developing it later, but they can generally be picked by the eyes, flattened nose and the legs. Even many pure Arundta babies are little coloured in infancy. The whole place seems to be neat and clean, but the standard of education is very low. When they leave, the inmated go out as stockboys and domestics around the Alice. Freeman said many interesting things about education and the difference from the first cross on.

In the evening the Granites man came over to have a chat and told us just what was the strength of the Granites gold boom. It wasn't very flattering to the mine.

9th January 1933 - Granites murderers

H.W.D. saw the police and the administrator about doing some physiological tests on the Granite murderers last night, but was, thank goodness, turned down.

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