Notes - index of screens

Press screen number
Note 0021 Bull-roarer explanation
Recollection 0051 "Gin and Tonic! recollections about the pretty girl
Paper 0321 Metabolism experiment papers
Note 0327 Albrecht's concern for Aboriginal survival
News 0340 Obituary Maurice Joseph
News 0460 Doctors to Study Aborigines
Recollection 0491 Dr Brown recalled
Note 0493 Ernestine Hill
News 0496 Strange death of a jockey
Note 0499 Lasseter's gold reef
Note 0501 `Half-caste' homes
News 0504 "Research work among the Blacks"
Note 0552 The Albrecht's view of the arrival
Note 0553 Description of a churinga
Note 0554 T.G.H. Strehlow

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