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Rights to the fair use of material

This is a participatory work containing historical material to which free access, unbridled appropriation and generous spirited contribution is encouraged. You are invited to re-use all material for non-commercial purposes but your moral obligation is to acknowledge The Flight of Ducks and to let me know by [email], letter [60 Bridge St Northcote. Victoria. Australia 3070] or [Phone. 0418 575 525] of the purpose for which any content from this site is to be used.

Some displays of these images reference surrogates of Australian Aboriginal cultural material. Protocols concerning the use of this material and its relation to cultural sensitivity is an ongoing source of discussion to which you are also welcome to contribute.

Other screens refer to material generated by numerous participants. In most cases this contributed material is accompanied by contact metadata. If you want to re-use this material please seek their permission or ask me to contact them on your behalf.

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