9th - 11th January 1933 - Hermannsburg Mission setting up experiments

The others are scattered about the village. It clouded over during the night, these being the first clouds we have seen since leaving Quorn. Consequently the night was very hot and we didn't sleep much. Quite a superfluous number of mosquitoes about and towards morning plenty of flies.

10th January 1933

This morning we unloaded and unpacked all the gear and assembled some of it. In the afternoon the balance was set up and most things got into order. The refrigerator was got out and Davies spent all day trying to get it to go but without much success. In the evening Davies got out his gramophone and all the lads of the village came over to listen.

During the day I was appointed meterologist and set about making a place for the anemometer and thermometers.

11th January 1933

Today much the same as yesterday. Most of us loafed about while Maurice and Wardlaw played with the Haldanes. Mrs Albrecht continues to pour big greasy meals into us which we seem able to get through pretty well, but with a bit of congestion inside.

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