12th January 1933 - Hermannsburg native huts, ice, gold and gin

The mission station was a collection of lime and rubble dwellings with a church of the same material and a few outhouses. In addition there were some 50-60 small thatched roofed huts for the natives and several wooden compounds of sorts. Every house had a rain water well beside it and was fenced off from the sandy waste in front of it by a wooden fence bound together with raw-hide and kangaroo hide straps.

The natives of the station were mostly of the disappearing Arundta tribe with a sprinkling of the Loritchas and an odd Pintaby and Nallia. To a large extent they were the young of both sexes who were carefully locked up at night in separate huts. The rest were 'married' families inhabiting the huts.

Davies has now got his refrigerator running well and has lapsed into gin and sleep. We have got some amusement out of it by giving the `uncivilized' natives ice.

We spent most of the afternoon talking to Rolf (Jacky of Lasseters last Ride) and hearing from him practically what the other people connected with that show said, viz: that Lasseter knew nothing of the country and was lying about a gold reef in order to finance himself in the hopes of finding one. Rolf was able to tell all about it, up to the time that Lasseter left Ilbilla, never to return.

13th January 1933

Today was Murch's 21st birthday which he and I celebrated by raiding Pete's supply of gin before breakfast. During the day a stockman called Miller rode in with a plant of horses and a bad arm, mainly caused by his putting turpentine and horse blister on a sore. He was duly patched up as were a couple of natives.

In the afternoon the camel mail from Rumbelara rode in and then the station stockman came back with a few brumbies off the run.

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