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Some of the artefacts collected during trip to Mount Liebig in 1933
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Size mm
Pitchi wood 405 x 150 Finely made with slight crack on one edge.
Nulla-Nulla wood 565 x 40 Heavy, round and pointed at both ends. One end bulbous with trace of resin
Shield bean-wood 565 x 40 ochre traces, convex side with longitudinal grooves and 5 firemaking grooves. Concave side longitudinal grooves with recessed handle. Origin
Spear wood Point with angled prong bound with fibre Origin
Boomerang wood 1065 x 70 Large - incised to centre with 3 rows of sausage-like patterns, banded both ends. Flat side clear but with slight irregular banding centre.
Boomerang wood 665 x 60 Shallow longitudinal grooves.
Boomerang wood 565 x 40 Shallow longitudinal grooves.
Boomerang wood 560 x 45 Shallow longitudinal grooves 200 mm missing from one edge.
Tjurunga wood 425 x 63 Ochre coated - incised pattern: 3 sets circles both sides - convex side has tracks - concave side has linking lines. (journal drawing - top)
Tjurunga wood 395 x 100 Incised convex side: 3 sets circles + 4 rectangular striped areas. Concave side has 8 rectangular stripes with fine patterns between. (journal drawing - top).
Tjurunga wood 384 x 75 Incised convex side: horseshoe shapes + numerous short sets of 3-4 lines. Concave side : 3 tripple line serpentine forms + numerous short triplets. (journal drawing - bottom).
Tjurunga wood 343 x 64 Incised convex side: 4 set circles + numerous toed tracks. Concave side: 3 sets of circles + numerous 3 toed tracks. (journal drawing - bottom)
Tjurunga wood 316 x 52 Ochre covered - very worn and smooth. Incised convex side has 2 sets of circles joined by lines either side are 5 pairs of hoseshoe shapes. Concave side: has 8 pairs of horseshoe shapes either side of horizontal line with small single horseshoe shape at the end. (journal drawing - top)
Tjurunga wood 248 x 35 Incised with 4 sets of circles and 4 sets of 3 toed tracks both sides.(journal drawing - middle)
Tjurungawood 205 x 22 Black coating with 1 spiral in the centre on one side only.
Bullroarer wood 225 x 35 Finely incised with horshoe shapes and striations.
Bullroarer wood 192 x 30 Incised on one side with 4 sets of circles + 3 toed tracks. Other side has 5 sets of circles + 3 toed tracks.
Bullroarer wood 205 x 25 Broken/split - finely incised with zig zags marks both sides.
Point bone 225 x 10 Incised finely with horizontal lines both sides, resin blob one end and red colour near point.
Point bone 217 x 10 Concave with blob of resin one end.
Point wood 180 x 12 Round and sharp. Incised with burns 5 lengths of dots and labeled: 'digging stick'.
Point wood 240 x 10 Round and sharp tapering. Incised with dots and with red resin 1/3 from blunt end.
Point wood 260 x 7 Flat/round tapering. Sharp both ends with samll amount of resin centre. Incised finely with zig zags.
Tool wood 155 x 25 Pointed one end - flattened the other, inscribed centre with fine lines.
Tool wood/stone 375 x 18 Scraping tool with stone blade fixed in resin with fine Zig Zag banding on handle.
Tool wood/stone 425 x 30 Scraping tool with stone blade fixed in resin with some horizontal banding on slightly curved handle.