Sonnets - index of screens

Press screen number
Sonnet 0002 Lamplit I work in the shoals of the night
Sonnet 0020 In almost every place I make my camp
Sonnet 0022 My camel sways along in sullen grief
Sonnet 0027 One perfect, windless, starlit, moonless night
Sonnet 0219 A desert tends to clarify all thought
Sonnet 0692 One afternoon near Lightning Ridge in May
Sonnet 0518 Most men who live in cities see few stars
Sonnet 0519 November! And our gift returns again
Sonnet 0520 The Olgas are Australia's heart and mind
Sonnet 0521 I am a man of wisdom and no god
Sonnet 0522 When Eliot told about the gifts of age
Sonnet 0523 Bright stars outined celestial city streets
Sonnet 0524 The constellations arch across the sky
Sonnet 0525 This spot is sand and stunted mulga scrub
Sonnet 0526 No scale of size, or time, or distance holds
Sonnet 0527 The pure achievement of the aging mind
Sonnet 0528 Indeed; I failed at everything I did
Sonnet 0529 Wide deserts of my land reflect my brain
Sonnet 0530 Sydney's Nor-Easter likes to sleep in late
Sonnet 0877 The life-lorn dingo's sadly haunting calls

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