9th January 1933 (cont.) - camels, donkeys and the trip to Hermannsburg mission

This morning we started loading the gear for the trip from the train on to a three ton truck which has also come up on the train from Adelaide and has only run about 300 miles.

The load seemed mountainous with all our personal luggage on top as well. As the loading went fairly quickly it was decided that we should make an early start, so we got away about mid-day. Murch, Maurice and myself started off in front with the driver, with Albrecht and a mechanic (Course) going out to the mission on top.

The first part of the trip was out through Heavitree Gap past the camel camping grounds which seemed to be filled with the beasts. A little further on we met a donkey team which had just come in from Hermannsburg. The load on our lorry started off by being too big for a gate at the camel camp, so we had to rearrange the load. This delayed us a little.

Almost the whole of the trip out to Hermannsburg was over sandy dirt plain, covered with mulga, good Mitchell grass and spinifex. Here and there were traces of a big storm of rain that had fallen a few months before. The foliage being almost luxuriant in these spots. The road was fair most of the way, firm and good in some places and very bad over the rest. The main drawback was the sandy creek beds in which we managed to get stuck badly. The remedy was to let the air out of the back tyres and when we had gained the other side, to pump them up again off the engine.

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