Hermannsburg - index of screens

Press screen number
Journal0312 huge tea in Albrecht's quarters in the German style
Photograph0181 Pastor Albrecht
Article0321 The Australian Journal of Experimental Biology and Medical Science. (1934) Vol. XII.
Photograph0253 Manasseh, Davies, Albrecht, Joseph & Ford
Journal0313 we unloaded and unpacked all the gear
Photograph0192 Setting up the equipment
Journal0314 Mrs Albrecht's meals
Photograph0255 Barry, Joseph, Wardlaw, Davies,
Journal0316 description of the mission
Photograph0247 collection of buildings
Photograph0266 main house with donkeys in foreground
Journal0317 Lasseter was lying about a gold reef
Note0763 note about Lasseter and his reef of gold
Journal0318 raiding Pete's supply of gin - Miller - camel mail
Photograph0017 Bony Bream Tillmeth's camel mail
Journal0319 Bony Bream Tillmeth - a tremendous mine of information
Journal0315 Bony Bream Tillmeth - he never forgot and totally trustworthy
Journal0320 Afghan words that camels understand
Photograph0261 Camels with packs and group in shade
Photograph0260 Bony Bream working on camels
Journal0324 black stockboys breaking and riding wild horses
Photograph0195 horse breaking at Hermannsburg
Journal0325 Murch did a quick portrait of me for practice
Photograph0204 Manasseh, Barry, stockman, Davies, Joseph, Kurt Johannsen
Journal0326 had a drink of the foulest water that I have ever tasted
Journal0506 Munukeruka by moonlight
Journal0509 keeping watch and catching an echidna
Journal0507 climbing down into the Finke
Journal0510 wild friuts up the gully
Journal0508 digging a soak - echidna for breakfast
Photograph0205 Kurt Johannsen digging out a soak
Photograph0182 echidna for breakfast
Journal0511 spent an hour or two shooting at crows
Journal0512 walked along the soft sand in great heat
Journal0513 the emerald green wild orange tree
Journal0514 putting up a dozen duck
Journal0515 a wild tribe of Luritcha turned up
Photograph0218 a wild tribe of Loritcha turned up
Journal0516 boredom and the idea of going to Mt. Liebig
Journal0517 my offer of sharing any booty
Note0553 description of tjurunga or churinga
Journal0535 the natives gave us all a name
Journal0536 There was also a lot of laughter
Journal0537 few of them could count beyond three
Journal0538 "If I tried to paint this..."
Journal0539 striped bandicoots were brought in
Journal0540 killing and preserving the prenty lizard
Photograph0193 killing the prenty lizard
Journal0541 Murch was painting a couple of black kids
Journal0542 killing the prenty - wild horses
Photograph0217 mission children with Hugh Barry
Photograph0290 willi-willi
Journal0543 on first riding a camel
Journal0544 breaking in a camel
Photograph0008 throwing a camel
Journal0545 eructations, farts, stink or attempts to bite
Photograph0203 camel
Journal0546 Hezekiel looks a bit more intelligent
Journal0547 Mrs Albrecht's meals, costs and rations
Note0552 The Albrecht's view of the arrival
Journal0548 Pastor and Mrs Albrecht
Photograph0549 Pastor Albrecht detail
Photograph0178 Pastor and Mrs Albrecht
Journal0550 Petering and Strehlow
Photograph0010 Petering
Photograph0180 T.G.H. Strehlow
Note0554 brief introduction to T.G.H. Strehlow
Journal0551 Petering and Strehlow

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