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The Olgas are Australia's heart and mind   
detached, observing, soaring domes of thought. 
Like all this land, man never here will find 
return from anything that nature wrought. 
Eternal, passive, uncommitted place, 
reflecting nothing but a secret stare. 
Who dares may look oblivion in the face, 
the mirror simply tells - he is not there. 
These Olgas neither give nor take away; 
they take no part. These timeless silent cones 
conceal their apathy with rich display 
of multi-rainbowed beauty, vivid stones, 
with changing hues, entrancing curves; a skin 
hiding Earth's metronome that beats within. 		 	   		    
[from the Desert of my Heart and Mind by F.J.A.Pockley 1912-1990]