Primary Sources of the 1933 journal by F.J.A. Pockley

Pencil Version: Fifty nine pages of the original journal remain. Each page is 200 mm wide by 251 mm high. All but page 21 and the last four (pages 56-60) are stuck together at the top by the remnants of an glue impregnated linen band which may have been stuck to a cover. The first page is missing. The last four pages are loose. Two of these are text and follow on from the fixed pages. One has a series of four drawings of the incised designs on churinga, the other is a hand drawn map. This page is the only one with something on the back: a list of numbers presented as a sum and adding up to 132. I now know that this is a tally of daily mileage. It is probably safe to assume that this was the last page. Most pages show some foxing around the edges. They are yellow with age

Pen Version: There is an incomplete copy written in pen on twenty three loose pages of plain paper. They have been folded on an angle and this helps to determine their order. The first page provides evidence of the missing first page of the original pencil version. It is not known when it this version was written but it is clear that it is a copy because corrections and additions to the pencil version are included in it. The thirteen listed drawings on pages 33 and 34 of the original pencil version are reproduced on the last page (page 23). The text of this version ends on page 22 with an elaboration of the events surrounding the duck flying away song found on page 32 of the pencil version. These pages are in fairly good condition although there ae rust stains.

Typed Version: There is also a typed version of forty nine pages on plain paper was probably written in 1975. It contains further elaborations and a new section about the journey on foot. Attached to it I recently found a short postscript with two pages numbered 50 and 51, another four, numbered 1-4 , two un-numbered pages and one numbered 55. However there is also a photocopy of this version taken by my niece which includes the missing pages 52-54 but which does not include the two un-numbered pages and those marked 1-4.