On Foot - index of screens

Press screen number
Journal 0591 I set off to the south, on foot
Journal 0592 I walked until midnight
Journal 0593 All I saw was a large dark snake
Journal 0594 another mug of tea with the remains of the echidna
Journal 0595 a desolate flat plain with scattered claypans
Journal 0596 I thought I could smell honey
Journal 0597 The perfume and luxuriance was incredible
Journal 0598 recite poetry aloud like a lunatic
Journal 0599 the cliffs were about 12-1500ft high
Journal 0600 a pool of quite fresh water
Journal 0601 the Olgas on the far distant horizon
Journal 0602 one day I would reach the Olgas
Journal 0603 the need for prudence and care
Journal 0604 As I stood up I saw a party of natives
Journal 0605 What they thought I have no idea
Journal 0606 I kicked myself for not collecting
Journal 0607 almost hypnotized by the rhythm of movement
Journal 0608 I dragged over the last four miles

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