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Mr Simon Pockley
60 Bridge Street
Northcote Vic 3070
University Secretariat
RMIT - City campus
GPO Box 2476V Vic. 3001
16th February 1998

Dear Mr Pockley,

PhD Project and Aboriginal Material

I wish to confirm arrangements made late in January for you to come to the meeting of the RMIT Human Research Ethics Committee to be held on the 29th April in the Council Room, levelB, Building 1, City Campus, beginning at 4.00pm.

I confirm also that 15th April is the date due for submitting your HREC Application for Approval of Project Involving Human Subjects. Enclosed is a copy of the information package concerning your application. The forms are on computer disk obtainable from your Faculty Office.

Yours sincerely

Adrienne Patterson

RMIT Human Research Ethics Committee

(CC) reserved S.Pockley Feb 1995: The Flight of Ducks 786