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Experimental Rating System for Aboriginal Culture

This is the solution set to Exercise 2, part IV for SI695-2, fall 1997. It is based on the solution by Aric Watson.

This page contains the files of an experimental PICS rating service, designed to rate web sites on their content that is offensive to members of the Australian aboriginal culture. For details about the purpose of this rating service, see the exercise description.

Instructions for testing out this solution:
  1. Use Internet Explorer 3.0 or later
  2. Right click on the link to the .rat file and choose "Save Target As"; you'll be prompted to save the file on your hard disk. Remember where you saved it!
  3. In Internet Explorer, go to View; Options; Security
  4. Click on "enable ratings" (if you set a password, be sure to remember it, as there's no other way to turn off the Content Advisor features)
  5. Click on Settings in the Content Advisor portion of the dialog box
  6. Click on Advanced, then Rating Systems
  7. You'll see the rsaci.rat file listed; click on it to select, and then click "remove"
  8. Click add, then navigate to choose Aric's .rat file that you saved in step  3; then click OK
  9. Now click on Ratings, and you'll see a number of rating dimensions . When you're done exploring the settings, click OK a couple times to get back to the browser.
  10. Now try clicking on the test page. The page should be blocked, unless you configured the settings to allow acess to pages having names of deceased and references to secret/sacred objects. Once you get to the page, choose View/Source from the Internet Explorer menu to see the embedded PICS label that makes the blocking possible.
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