The Flight of Ducks is a multi-purpose on-line work built around a collection of archival material from a camel expedition into central Australia in 1933. This journey was revisited in 1976 and retraced in 1996. As a digital work, it takes the form of a journey through a datascape. It tells an important and on-going story of intercultural contact and explores how different forms of access can be used to create a responsive participatory documentary. Like the stories of journeys in oral epic poetry, it has evolved into a proliferating evolving organism, shaped by its participants, by a continuous refinement of the poetics of the medium and by a concern to facilitate long-term access to its content.

The hypertexts that form this research report are hyper-linked to each other and to the material they describe. They are also embedded in the context of an on-going electronic conversation. Each hypertext examines a question about access:

Tangible outcomes include: