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From: Scott Thybony

Sent: 2nd December 2002 8:12 AM
Subject: flightless...

Thanks Simon,

A librarian at Northern Arizona University is collaborating with an Australian University to develop guidelines on "culturally sensitive" material. I told her she needs to see your site. Find attached some recent notes which the Hopi who took us there wouldn't find sensitive but some curators of Hopi culture might.



fieldnotes removed due to cultural sensitivity

From: Scott Thybony

Sent: Friday, 29 November 2002 1:07 AM
Subject: flightless...

Hello simon,

I've lost the Flight of the Ducks. Do you have it archived at a new site?

Best, Scott

From: Aaron Chapman

Sent: 10/28/2002 9:11 PM
Subject: FOD site, and Lasseters Last Ride...


I came across your website when I was looking up information about Jack Idriess. I have a hardcover copy of Lasseters Last Ride published in 1936.

I am in possession of the book through my father. When he was a boy in Canada, he'd read the book prior to running away from home in the 30's, and stowed away on a ship to Australia where he worked as a prospector, then joined the Australian army when the war broke out. After the war, he eventually returning to Vancouver Canada where he became a successful lawyer, and is now retired and living outside the city.

Oddly enough, before he'd embarked on his journey to Australia that seemed so partly inspired by Idriess' book, he gave the book to a boyhood friend and did not see it for 50 years, until that same friend tracked him down in 1986 and gave the book back to him that he'd been given so many years before. The man had become an architect in Chicago, and returned to Canada for a visit and had gone to considerable effort to track him down and return it...

My father travelled a heck of a lot in his youth, and growing up his travels loomed large as legend within the family history, and partly compelled me to go out and see the world in my own way. Not in any war, but my own vein of gold in music. I am a 30 year old musician who has performed in a variety of countries, and currently playing in a celtic fast-folk group called The Town Pants. (Visit

The book itself has done its share of travels. Now this book is in my possesion and I can't help but think that the weight of the book cannot contain the weight that its had on the previous generation of my family. Its more than a text. Idriess in a way could never of known the subtle impact of the little bound tome has had on my family in particular. Perhaps I'm being melodramatic. But had my father never read the book at such an impressionable age, and not gone out to the Australian outback to seek his own fame and fortune, perhaps I down the line might have chosen a different path as well...

Maybe I'll write a song about it. It feels like this getting passed on seems like good subject matter. Great thing, beer.

Congratulations on your site. I thought I would pass along my story as you are an enthusiast of Idriess' writings, you might find it interesting. And perhaps my story in a way might mirror your own relationship with your fathers adventure, in a roundabout way.

Best regards,

Aaron Chapman

From: David Miller

Sent: 9/5/02 8:49 PM
Subject: Algebuckna

Hello Simon,

What can you tell me about Algebuckna, the bridge and the surrounding country, Nearby cattle stations, etc.

Regards David

From: Katsuhiko Takehara

Sent: 2/9/02 5:50 PM
Subject: I have a question about the Aborigines

Nice to meet ya, my name is Katsuhiko, from Japan. I looked up your page on the Internet, and I want you to do me a favour. I've got an assignment to research the positive and negative effects on our lives. And I decided to work on matters in Australia, the Aboriginal people in particular, because I 'd been there for one year as my studies, so it feels sorta close issue to me. For this reason, could you do me a favour? I would like to receive some information about how technology affects on traditional Aboriginal way of life?? I hope to hear from you very soon.

Thank you for your time.

Katsuhiko Takehara

From: Neil Roche

Sent: 1/9/02 10:29 PM Subject: history of kooris

Hi, do you have any websites for the history of kooris in victoria? Im doing an essay and its dues tomorrow!



Sent: 31/8/02 8:51 AM
Subject: Re: Lasseter's Diary

Dr. Pockley

I wrote to you a couple of days ago about Lasseters diary. I read your credentials and background on the Internet and we seem to be in vaguely related fields (extremely vaguely related) I am a computer programmer and on the side I do some post production computer digital enhancement, virtual set and animation work for a small film company in the US. The company: Black Trout Productions/Prophesy Films based in Reno NV. I am in Sacramento CA. The company is relatively new but formed by very talented individuals from the major companies. They produce mostly historic works for the US Arts and Entertainment TV network.

They asked me if there were any Australian historical events/stories I'd recommend. (I lived in Aussi 25 years) I told them what I knew of Lasseter and his lost gold. To put it in Australian: They went bloody bananas. The story is now on the tentative film schedule pending research. They gave me the research part. That's why I'm writing you. I need recommendations for recourses. I have the following:

Dream Millions, by Fred Blakeley
Lasseter - The Making of a Legend, by Billy Marshall-Stoneking

If we can come up with enough valid material we'll make the film. Screenplay writers extremely interested in putting it together are Colin 'CY' Young and James Burgess. (If you are a fan of watching US film credits you will have seen their names) with me a technical advisor. (I have to tell them were to inset the word 'bloody' and the proper use of the term 'mate') I'm not a stranger to the Australian outback. I spent 3 years touring. I tried to head for the region of the Lasseter legends but got as far as The Alice and my 1958 FC Holden wasn't up to going further.

Rob Hays


Sent: 30/8/02 2:58 PM
Subject: Lasseter's Diary

I was just looking at Lasseters diary on your web sight and was wondering if it has ever been printed out as a text file?

Rob Hays

From: Naomi Wolfe

Sent: 15/8/02 5:42 PM
Subject: flight of the ducks


Can you tell me how we can order a copy for our unit of the flight of the ducks on CD Rom please?



Naomi Wolfe
Aboriginal Liaison Officer
Jim-baa-yer Aboriginal Support Unit
Australian Catholic University Limited ABN 15 050 192 660
Office: 03 9953 3004 Fax: 03 9953 3005

From: Jayson Stilwell

Sent: Wednesday 6/26/02 7:34 PM
Subject: Aboriginal chants

Hi Simon,

thanks for your reply, I appreciate that. Actually, I am not looking for audio files but written words(or phonetic "spellings") of aboriginal chants or even just some aboriginal sacred words, is this more possible or are all chants secret aswell as sacred?


From: Jayson Stilwell

Sent: Wednesday 6/26/02 12:42 AM
Subject: Anoriginal chants

Are there any web resources which contain aboriginal chants in both English and the native tongue? Jayson Stilwell.

From: Karen

Sent: Wednesday, 19 June 2002 11:16 AM
Subject: Blinding the Duck

I trust that you are still able to access this e-mail even though it has been some time since the project was officially completed. If you still have access I would like to direct some questions your way regarding any 'official' Aboriginal responses you may have had received in response to your questions. I am writting up a thesis proposal which addresses Aboriginal (North American-Canadian) peoples input into the consequences of past and current institutional processes of the collection, conservation and presentation of their artifacts. Your project 'Blinding the Duck' touches upon some of the same problems that I will be dealing with in my work. I thought that you might be willing to share some of the responses you (finally) received from the Walpiri representatives regarding their reasons for being displeased.

On another note, even here - in Canada, we are treading on very thin ice when we broach a topic that deals with Aboriginal peoples, their beliefs and rights, and so I can most definately appreciate the problems you encountered and I must commend you on your resilience in the matter. An innovative and morphic site, one that truly does reflect the nature of an oral society and its discourse.

Finally, I would like to thank you for taking the time to answer this request.

Regards, Karen

From: Narayanan Rakunathan

Sent: 6/10/02 1:27 AM
Subject: Narrative structures and archival photos


Very glad to hear from you! Yes, I came across your Flight of Ducks and decided to contact you. I'm going to cut-and-paste portions of my proposal here to give you a better picture:

...Archives, as repositories of primary sources, are seeking new ways of opening up their holdings for research with the increasing demand for instant and uninterrupted access from a new group of Internet savvy users. Undoubtedly, national archival institutions are changing mindsets and re-engineering the way information is delivered....

...One of the two objectives of this study is to assess present methods and systems in place to provide access to archival materials held by the National Archives of Singapore (NAS). ...

...The second objective of this research is to prototype an access system that takes into consideration firstly, the data gathered by the preliminary user study and secondly, the way Singapore history is consumed. Generally, the history of Singapore is presented as a monumental struggle against overwhelming odds and achieving prosperity in a remarkably short time.

...Against this background, the story and journey metaphors figure prominently in Singapore public history, the latter to a smaller extent. ...Finally, the Singapore public seem to appreciate historical narratives that are pictorial and/or biographical. ...

...the study is seeking to experiment with narrative structures to create a new mode of interaction and access between users and the archival materials. The new structure will be the web-based pictorial narrative. Through this pictorial narrative, "multi-form stories" or "a single plot line in multiple versions", are created (Murray, 1997). The proposed prototype will resemble closely the "The Experience Music Project". This is an excellent example of how users can discover the breadth and depth of a digital collection in a way that traditional, curated exhibits might not permit.

...a prototype based on web-based pictorial narrative will be tested. This is a new area in archival informatics, in that a popularly accessed type of archival material (in this case the archival photos) is used to expose greater portions of the archival holdings....

...The theoretical contribution to archival science will be to bring about an understanding of how (or what sort of) narrative/rhetorical structures help/hinder in thematically-conceived online pictorial exhibitions....

Cheers, Raku

From: Narayanan Rakunathan

Sent: 6/9/02 3:07 AM
Subject: Narrative structures and archival photos


I'm currently a librarian with the National Library Board. I've finished my MSc in Information Studies and am currently writing a proposal for PhD. I was thinking along the lines of "Improving access to archival materials through web-based pictorial (?) narrative structures." I believe (to be proven) that photographs are the most accessed primary sources and that a web of hyperlinked photographs, not unlike an online exhibition, on one a particular aspect of a nation's history would provide the entry point(s) to other archival materials on that aspect.

I have done literature review but lack material on how narrative structures affect accessibility. Any literature on how narrative structures/rhetorical structures hold together a string of photographs would be helpful.

My apologies if I seem to ask for much.

Thank you.

From: Chantal Azar

Sent: 5/8/02 6:01 PM

hey Im doing an assesment on 'Stolen Generation' I need some information and would be very thankful if you could reply back. I need to know at the time of the Stolen Generation what the Aboriginals work and family values were, and in comparasion what the European/British people's work and family values were. thanks and look forward to hearing from you soon.

Chantal Azar

From: John Fletcher

Sent: 5/5/02 9:18 AM
Subject: Duck Family


I am an Aboriginal person in the Northern Territory seeking to find some information on a family with the surname Duck, who were / some still are residnet in Northern NSW. I am told the Duck and Swan families are Aboriginal and I am trying to identify my relationship with them or establish if the Duck family are a known Aboriginal family. I am probably way off beam here, however found this link on an Aboriginal site and thought I'd give it a try.

If you have any inofrmation, I would be grateful for your advice.

have a good weekend.

Thank you

John Fletcher

From: Paul Shaw

Sent: 4/10/02 1:06 AM
Subject: Flight of Ducks and metaweb

Private Messages marked 'private' are not accessible

Catch ya

Paul Shaw
10 Maxwell Lane
via Coraki
NSW 2471
Phone: (02) 6683 2295
ABN: 39 836 361 143

From: Lee & Yvonne Hodsdon

Sent: 3/21/02 10:38 AM
Subject: help!!!!!!!!!!

hi. i am trying to find 2 poems about peace for my social studies presentation. have you written any poems about peace that i can share with my social studies class? if not, do you know a website where i can find 2 poems about peace? i only need 2, but i need them by monday, so if you could, please help me!!!!!!

sincerely kh


Sent: 3/20/02 4:20 PM
Subject: Images on website


I would like to know if I can use one or two (eg FOD0148.html) of the images of aboriginal people in front of wurpies for a report on the Flight of Ducks website (about 100 copies to be printed and to go to high level government folk in NT Government and Commonwealth Government).

I need to know asap as report must be finalised on Friday.

Thanks -

Regards Jo

From: Carolyn Guerin

Sent: 2/5/02 11:03 AM
Subject: FW: FOD and Cybersound

>From: Carolyn Guerin
>Sent: Tuesday, 5 February 2002 10:11 AM
>To: Ross Gibson
>Subject: FOD & Cybersound
>Hi Ross,
>I've been meaning to remind you about presenting FOD and Cybersound to
>the PPC for acquisition.
>A few reasons:

>The cultural value of the works themselves
>Thematic appropriateness (I'm particularly thinking about FOD in
>relation to Remembrance)
>We need to propose and test the conditions around the acquisition,
>hosting and management of 3rd party web works. This will inform the
>implementation of the web policies associated with 3rd party sites.
>We should also consider a small number of web works/ which, no
>doubt, will raise other issues. Perhaps this can be done in the context
>of Remembrance as well.
>Carolyn Guerin
>ACMI Web Project Consultant
>03 9651 1318
>0414 497 771


Sent: 2/4/02 8:18 AM
Subject: ship

Simon, as promised your churinga was shipped via us post office airmail on Feb 1st.




Sent: 2/1/02 1:33 PM
Subject: New Listings on Ebay

well received. thanks douglas


Sent: 2/1/02 1:24 PM
Subject: New Listings on Ebay

sorry , probably not...i don't like cc numbers on premises. if you can email me two (2) emails that would be great:

a) lst email first 12 digits
b) 2nd email last four and exp date.

If I get today I will try to post tomorrow or saturday latest. we are having a snow storm, 10 inches of snow. would you like some down under?



Sent: 2/1/02 1:20 PM
Subject: New Listings on Ebay

yes, i just ended it. Please email ship and payment information.

Thanks Simon,



Sent: 2/1/02 1:12 PM
Subject: eBay Australia Bid Notice - Item 1508476323: Rare Old Australian Stone Churinga w/prov.

Thank you for bidding in the Antiques and Art:Antiques:Ethnographic:Pacific Rim category, simoncharles!

We appreciate the trading you do on eBay Australia and want to confirm the details of your bid.

Item name: Rare Old Australian Stone Churinga w/prov.
Item number: 1508476323
Your current bid: US $51.00
Your maximum bid: US $350.00
End date: Feb-08-02 17:57:09 PST
Current price: US $102.50

Please note - this is a Reserve Price Auction. The Reserve Price has not been met.

To view the item you're bidding on, click here: Australia Aboriginal early stone churinga with provenance

Safety Tip: It is against eBay policy for a seller to contact you about buying a similar or identical item outside of eBay. This type of transaction is not covered by the services we provide to protect you - such as feedback, fraud protection and dispute resolution. For your own protection, please do not participate.

Note: Your bid is considered a binding contract with the seller (except for Real Estate and other non-binding bid categories). For more information on what to do if you placed this bid by mistake, click here.

Copyright 1995-2001 eBay Inc. All Rights Reserved. Designated trademarks and brands are the property of their respective owners.


Sent: 2/1/02 1:03 PM
Subject: New Listings on Ebay

Thanks Simon,

In the interest of time, I would compromise at $647.50 and pay shipping. Fair enough?



Sent: 2/1/02 12:54 PM
Subject: New Listings on Ebay

US $695.

thanks douglas


Sent: 2/1/02 12:51 PM
Subject: New Listings on Ebay

It is US dollars.



Sent: 2/1/02 10:56 AM
Subject: New Listings on Ebay

thanks Simon- good to hear from you again.

The reserve is $695, which is less than half of what I have seen these offered for (when I see them).

If you want to proceed, I can end the auction early.

But you will need to be high bidder. If you bid say $350, then I believe that should do it and you should be high bidder as there is only one other bidder at the moment.

As soon as I hear back from you by email, and after you execute your bid, I will end the auction.

You will need to also instruct me how you wish to pay. I take pay pal, visa, and mastercard.

Please email me your ship address as well.

I will cover airmail shipping.

Please get back to me either way as soon as convenient.


douglas schneible


Sent: 2/1/02 4:23 AM
Subject: New Listings on Ebay

Thanks Simon- good to hear from you.

According to the information I have at hand, the stone churinga is from the Aranda People/Tribe, grooved circles and dashes both sides, rubbed with ochre. The deep and lovely patina solidly indicates a pre WWII origin and likely early 1900's. It was collected by and came from the estate of UCLA Professor Joseph Birdsell, who was a specialist in Aboriginal Art and Artifacts.

It's a lovely old piece with a tip repair, excellent provenance.

Regards from Vermont and Cheers for the new year,

Douglas Schneible


Sent: 1/31/02 8:15 AM
Subject: eBay Registration


Congratulations! You have taken the first step to becoming a registered member of eBay. In order to begin trading on eBay, you will need to complete the steps outlined below.

Your eBay User ID is: ************

Your Confirmation code is: *****

Please note: The confirmation code above is not your eBay password. In the next step you will change this code to a password of your choice.

To complete your registration and begin trading, click here: Australia Aboriginal early stone churinga with provenance

If you have any problems with the above link to complete registration, there is another way to complete your registration. Simply open your web browser, copy the link below into the browser and fill out the required information:

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Sent: 1/31/02 3:12 AM
Subject: New Listings on Ebay


New Listings on Ebay!

We've just listed many exciting new artworks on ebay under trade name 'Drachm':

1. Old New Hebrides Slit Drum- 12 feet tall!
2. Abelam Maprik early 1950's "hornbill" cult figure
3. Australia Aboriginal early stone churinga with provenance
4. New Zealand Maori Woven Bag- superb MINT
5. Old New Guinea Fighting Club
7. Vintage early 1900's KAYAK Paddle

Paste and Click this for current auctions:


See these and more under trade name DRACHM! COME VISIT OUR WEBSITE New China Buddha Collection Just listed !

Regards from Vermont,

Douglas Schneible, president
Arts & Crafts Gallery LLC
one clarendon avenue
Montpelier, Vermont 05602
Phone: (802) 229-2644 (days and evenings OK)
Fax: (802) 229-4904

PS Please email me if you DO NOT wish to receive future email notifications..thanks!

From: little pilgrim

Sent: 1/7/02 3:05 PM
Subject: flight of ducks


Is it still possible to order a copy of the CDROM version of 'Flight of Ducks'? Can I order a copy and pay on invoice? My details are:

Robyn Tucker
19 Vincent Street Adelaide SA 5000

Thanks Robyn