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The Desert of my Heart and Mind by F.J.A. (John) Pockley 1912-1990

  1. Wide deserts of my land reflect my brain
  2. The life-lorn dingo's sadly haunting calls
  3. This spot is sand and stunted mulga scrub
  4. The pure achievement of the aging mind
  5. In almost every place I make my camp
  6. One perfect, windless, starlit, moonless night
  7. Bright stars outined celestial city streets
  8. My camel sways along in sullen grief
  9. One afternoon near Lightning Ridge in May
  10. A desert tends to clarify all thought
  11. I am a man of wisdom and no god
  12. When Eliot told about the gifts of age
  13. The Olgas are Australia's heart and mind
  14. The constellations arch across the sky
  15. Most men who live in cities see few stars
  16. November! And our gift returns again
  17. No scale of size, or time, or distance holds
  18. Indeed; I failed at everything I did
  19. Sydney's Nor-Easter likes to sleep in late

Sonnets by S.C.N. (Simon) Pockley

  1. Lamplit I work in the shoals of the night
  2. Like a host who is waiting for his uninvited guest
  3. This afternoon I'm taking my son for a Yarra walk
  4. We've emptied trucks and trailers, unloaded groaning vans
  5. Move in closer please, this device is locally made
  6. We are loaded through a shute into this commuter flight
  7. Wished away in a taxi reeking
  8. This morning the council dumped big bins
  9. There must be something wrong with me
  10. Twenty thousand dawns
  11. Naked in the Rain
  12. My home this christmas
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