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Fragment of a letter to Jane Lemann (nee Pockley) from John Antill Pockley about Francis Antill Pockley (FAP) and his wife Ellie (nee Partridge)

Dr John Antill PockleySUITES 1 & 2. 7TH FLOOR
26 June 1981

My Dear Jane

Thank you for your letter, I enjoy the news. I fear that I cannot help much about the first 12 years of the century and F.A.P.

Remember that all the family was grown up. Phyllis, the eldest, took, I am told, her father's side rather more than the others.I think this applied to Brian too, and my father and Nell - Ellie's. When John came back from leave in France in 1917, or thereabouts, he stayed with the Partridges at Rocklands--- I just remember him, and more clearly his sheep-dog 'Satan' which he left with them. This sugests he was on his mother's side. Of course Nell was only a teen-aged girl, and my father always resented the fact that she was stuck with mother through a vital period which denied her any opportunity for marriage, or higher education, of which she was eminently capable. At the same time, any approach to Aunt Nell by any male was looked on as a move by a reprehensible adventurer.

Ellie was, I think, lanquishing rather ostentatiously, as well as subject to, 'turns' some of which are mentioned in the diaries in ealrier years. Late in the first war she suffered from pernicious anaemia (refusal to eat a balanced diet could well have been a factor in this), and she may have had angina attacks. I remember that her 'turns' were rather too spectacular to be wholly organic. She told me many tales aboout Brian, who she worshipped the memory of, and about John, but they were so romanticised and elaborated that I remember firmly deciding at the age of 8 that she was not to be believed on any subject in any way.

A large and glamorous photograph of Phyllis is hung very prominently at 'Fairhaven' the Wamberal cottage, and her beauty was dwelt on at length. I thought Aunt Nell far more attractive.

When Danby (later Vice Admiral at Chatham - (just closing now) was seconded to Australia as Captain of the battleship Australia, Phyllis came with him and a baby - Anthony, I think, was born in Double Bay. I just remember her, but only saw her once that I can remember for sure.

I think that Alice Isobella (Ella) and the other unmarried daughters continued at Lorne, because Selina lived on until 1925 and Lorne was not resumed by the Water Board until after she died.

Anyway F.A.P. and the house-keeper - a Miss Finn were the cause of the trouble I believe, and she may have had 2 children by him --- but this in only hearsay and I have never pursued this investigation.

When Ellie died F.A.P. came to the funeral, although I know that my father had taken every precaution that he could to see that he was not told when and where it was to be. Someone leaked, and when Dudley Williams --- later a high court judge, and a life-long .....[fragment ends]