Simon Pockley: various texts and videos

Selected research papers and reports

Community activism

  1. Bushfire-ravaged communities take future into own hands (28th January 2020)
  2. How Barnaby Joyce contaminates my drinking water (February 2018) [Word 70KB] also published in IndependentAustralia (14th February 2018)
  3. Connecting the forest with the sea - a timely win/win opportunity (February 2018) Panel submission [Word 27KB]
  4. SOLN Presidents Report (March 2011) [Word 202KB] and 2011-03-15 SOLN Presidents Report (Feb 2010) [Word 326KB] or Web version 2010-02-23
  5. 7 star Metrics for Effective Land Care [Word 24KB]
  6. Accounting for Nature: linking knowledge to action
    Proposal for using a common currency to measure environmental health, build capacity and maybe develop competence.
  7. Review: National Carbon Accounting Toolbox (NCAT) / Full Carbon Accounting Model (FullCAM) and data viewer [Word 511KB]
  8. Submission: Restoration of the Barham River through the Heathfield Estate Reserve [Word 26KB]

Tertiary sector

  1. List of texts relating to the Flight of Ducks
  2. Impact of ANDS funding on Data Management Capacity in the Australian University Sector [Word docx 186KB]
  3. The Authentic Dissertation - Alternative ways of knowing, research, and representation [PDF 831B]
    2008-03-12 Pre-print Part 7 4th Presentation for Don Jacobs. Routledge
  4. School of Creative Media (RMIT) - Review of Games and Multimedia [Word 12.3MB]
    2007-12-19 - Final Report
  5. Quakes, Quivers and Quacks - How the first online ETD has fared over 10 years [Word 78KB] Slides [PPT 4.2MB]
    2005-08-23 Conference paper ETD2005 Sydney
  6. Lost in Translation - Poetics of information loss - a cautionary tale [Word 108KB]
    2005-04-15 Preprint Chapter - for Scarecrow Press: content management systems (CMS)
  7. Review of RMIT's web presence
    1998-11-20 Final Report

Digital practice and poetics

  1. List of texts relating to the Flight of Ducks
  2. Proposal for simple Data Management Architecture [Word docx 20KB]
  3. Business rules for quality assessment in Research Data Australia (RDA) [Word docx 90KB]
  4. Reuse and the human factor [Word docx 16KB]
    Article for Share: following interview with Paul Walk at eResearch Australasia 2011
  5. Proposal for structuring a dataset description [Word docx 16KB]
  6. Harvest Road Hive: Analysis Report [Word 235KB]
  7. Anticipating an Archival Commons [Word 91KB]
    2005-09-03 Conference paper Vital Signs - creative practice and new media now. Melbourne
  8. Quakes, Quivers and Quacks - How the first online ETD has fared over 10 years [Word 78KB] Slides [PPT 4.2MB]
    2005-08-23 Conference paper ETD2005 Sydney
  9. Metadata and the Arts - the art of metadata [Word 238KB]
    2003-06-05 Preprint Published as: Chapter 4 in International Yearbook of Library and Information Management 2003/2004. Facet, 2004
  10. Usability Report (Example) [Word 211KB]
    2005-10-07 - Deakin University Report to DOMS Project Steering Committee
  11. Survey of University Repositories [Word 246KB]
    2005-10-07 - Deakin University Report
  12. Digital Repository - roles, functions, and directions
    2005-09-29 - Deakin University Report to DOMS Project Steering Committee

Renewable Energy

  1. Energy market regulation and its discontents [Word 192KB] or Web version
  2. Custom made solar collector [Word 2MB]
  3. Merri Solars: 5 year comparison of identical Grid-Connected systems. Access to data through Research Data Australia. Seeding data for National Solar Array, see
    2008-07-28 to 2012-12-12
  4. Compressed Air Energy Storage [Word 1.6MB] or Compressed Air Storage (CAES) [PPT 910KB]

More papers, reviews, one pagers etc

  1. COM Induction Manual (SOLN) [Word 178KB]
  2. Instructions (unauthorised) for Voltcraft300plus Energy Monitor [Word 28KB]
  3. Instructions (re-presented) Morkool Refrigerator [Word 31KB]
  4. Barham river indicator proposal [Word 52KB]
    2006-01-22 - Proposal
  5. What's the Use of DC.Type? [Word 83KB] or [PDF 71KB]
    2002 Dublin Core and Metadata for e-Communities: pp 245-250. Firenze University Press

Media releases

  1. 3rd May 2011 Locals celebrate catchment
  2. 17th April 2011 Feral Feast - Fabulous
  3. 31st March 2011 Landcare Chair on 6 day coast walk
  4. 1st December 2010 Environment to include people
  5. 1st August 2010 Wind and rain no dampener on Tree Day
  6. 31st July 2010 Pollution fears heard at Forum
  7. 15th July 2010 ORCA calls for Clean Energy replacement of Hazelwood
  8. 15th July 2010 Greens support Otway Landcare
  9. 13th July 2010 New Fishing Platform on the Barham River
  10. 3rd July 2010 Clean Energy Coast Forum
  11. 26th June 2010 CCMA staff help restore Barham River
  12. 23rd March 2010 Otway community wins coastal award
  13. 29th April 2010 Landcare's Feral Feast
  14. 4th February 2010 Barham River to become accessible corridor
  15. 9th November 2009 Henderson puts trust in community priorities
  16. 26th October 2009 Community Leaders Imagine Otway Futures
  17. 16th October 2009 Darren Cheeseman praises Otway Landcare
  18. 16th October 2009 Hands-up for Climate Action
  19. 28th August 2009 RMIT helps prepare community for Otway bushfires
  20. 5th May 2009 Feds Bulldoze Landcare into Funding Hole
  21. 17th April 2009 Extreme weather will burn Otways
  22. 17th April 2009 Climate Action Group meets MP
  23. 6th February 2009 Coastal Climate Action goes to Canberra
  24. 12th August 2008 Climate Action in the Otways

Letters to the Editor

  1. July 10 2008 Joy of Walking (published AGE 13th July 2008)
  2. May 22 2008 Solar Comedians (Age) (unpublished)
  3. July 9 2007 Small things that matter (Apollo Bay News)